The Summer Concert is next Thursday!

Remember to share these details with family and friends. Tickets can be bought on the door or in advance via ParentPay so look out for this on your account:

Summer Concert rehearsal schedule

Here is the rehearsal schedule for p1-5 (in the hall) on Thursday 7th July:

Weekly rehearsals will continue as usual next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

On concert day…

  • You must ONLY be in rehearsals when you are scheduled. Absence from lessons will be on SIMS according to this schedule – so if you skip any other lessons because you are ‘rehearsing’, it will go down as truancy
  • The concert starts at 6.30pm. You need to be there in time to be ready. Use CGD to park instrument cases etc.
  • You need to wear all black outfits
  • When you are not actually performing, you need to be in the hall being a lovely supportive, appreciative audience member for everyone else. This involves being quiet!
  • The concert will be finished by 9.30pm. If you are a good musician and good member of our music community, you will stick around at the end to help clear away
  • Tickets are £5. Under-18s are FREE!

Listen to the pieces at home and try playing your part along with them:

Please note -we will not be playing Mambo in the summer concert.

Click here for separate audio parts for both songs

Musical Theatre choreography workshop

Thank you to Larissa for another fab session!

You can view the videos from the session on Satchel One. Please let Miss W know if you haven’t received the task. Keep practising the songs and moves so you are ready for next week’s concert.

Everyone Matters Music Project

Everyone Matters music projects aim to take live music and music-making to people of all ages who cannot readily access it themselves. Thank you to those of you who are involved and …

Everything you need to know about this event is on Satchel One.

BYMT news

And finally …

There are just under TWO WEEKS to go until the Summer Concert!



Our next choreography session with Larissa will be held in CGD after school on Wednesday 29th June 3-5 pmWe need as many of you there as possible so that you are all ready to perform in the Summer Concert.

Listen to the pieces at home and try playing your part along with them:

We will not be playing Mambo in the summer concert.

Click here for separate audio parts for both songs

The entry details will be on your Satchel One account shortly so keep checking!

Find out more here.

Interview with Mr Gunning about Glastonbury Festival – by Bibi, Year 7

Back in 1990 …

And now in 2022 …

Click on the image
Click on the image

And finally …

Happy Pride Month

Spotlight on … Cyndi Lauper

Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper Thornton (born 1953) is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and activist. Her career has spanned over 40 years. She is known for her distinctive image and for her powerful and distinctive four-octave singing range. She has been celebrated for her humanitarian work, particularly as an advocate for LGBT rights in the USA.

The Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Broadway Theatre, more commonly known as the Tony Award, recognises excellence in live Broadway theatre. Broadway is the name of New York City’s theatre district.



Our next choreography session with Larissa will be held in CGD after school on Wednesday 29th June 3-5 pmWe need as many of you there as possible so that you are all ready to perform in the Summer Concert:

This talent show will be for open to anyone in years 7-10. If you would like to take part, you will need to submit a video of your performance – which can be anything as long as lyrics etc. are clean and appropriate.

Look out for more details coming soon. In the meantime, start planning!

BYMT news

There are lots of BYMT events being held over the next few weeks. Find out more here:

A free online youth conference for young musicians aged 10-18 designed by young people, for young people

We welcome young people aged 10-18 years old from around the country to join us online for an activity-filled afternoon! We have exciting workshops on body percussion, improvisation & beatboxing, as well as musical games, survey and discussion on YOUR views of music education today. Multi Award-winning artist Moses Boyd will be joining us as guest speaker, and we hope you will too!


Welcome & Introduction

Body Percussion Workshop – Inspire-Works

Musical Game!

“What are music hubs doing across the UK?” Presentations and films by different youth forums

Survey – What’s happening in your area?

Jazz Improvisation Workshop – Matt Holborn & Beatboxing Workshop – Shamime Ibrahim

In conversation with Moses Boyd

Open discussion – have your say on Music Education in the UK today

Find out more here

Ben and Poppy, Year 11

Review of Liam Gallagher’s concert at Knebworth Park, Saturday 4th June 2022

We started the day looking around the wide variety of food places which we could buy lunch from whilst the DJ at this point was playing some very good songs for example Fools Gold by The Stone Roses. The atmosphere was already very lively and excited as everyone couldn’t wait for the big acts to come on later. An early highlight would be the supporting act of Michael Kiwanuka who was really talented and enjoyable to listen to. After him Kasabian came on, this is when the crowd surged forward. Kasabian were really good and it was very fun being in the crowd whilst everyone was jumping up and down to their fast rock songs. Later in the evening Liam Gallagher came on with a cool intro shown on the massive screens whilst the crowd roared. He started with Slide Away which the crowd loved as everyone was singing along, after playing a few of his very good new songs he ended the first half with one of his newer songs Once which had some massive fireworks to finish it off. The next half was made up of some of the greatest Oasis hits like Some might say, Supersonic and Wonderwall. At the end Liam Gallagher finished with Champagne Supernova which was brilliant and also had the biggest firework display we’d ever seen.

Read the rest of the article here

Running Up That Hill” is a song by English singer and songwriter Kate Bush from her fifth studio album, Hounds of Love (1985). Written and produced by Bush, the song was released in the United Kingdom as the lead single from Hounds of Love on 5 August 1985 through EMI Records. This was her first 12-inch single and her most successful 1980s release, entering the UK Singles Chart at number nine and eventually peaking at number three, her second-highest single peak.

Catherine Bush CBE (born 30 July 1958) is an English singer, songwriter, pianist and record producer. In 1978, aged 19, she topped the UK Singles Chart for four weeks with her debut single “Wuthering Heights”, becoming the first female artist to achieve a UK number one with a self-written song.

Listen to the pieces at home and try playing your part along with them:

Click here for separate audio parts for both songs

And finally …

Enjoy 😀

We are looking forward to a summer full of music-making 😎


Interview with Harry – Year 13

List all the music clubs you’ve been involved with since you started at Hayes. 

Main Choir, Concert Band, Boyvox, Hayes Ukulele Band, Simply Strings, Jamsesh, Chamber Choir, Skiffle Group, Wind Band and Jazz Band!

Chamber Choir, 2017

Where have you been on music tour? Do you have a favourite tour, and if so, why?

I went to Madrid, Germany, and Budapest. My favourite tour was Madrid as it was my first ever tour and I got to make so many new friends in the music department through that tour. I remember so many amazing memories such as my first experience of playing music abroad and getting audiences building up. I also got my roadie skills on, including lugging the kick drum where there is that classic photo of little me and Ben. 

Also great memories of going to places such as the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, the escape room, and other locations from other tours such as St. Thomas’ Church which was associated with J.S. Bach.

Madrid, 2017
Playing the percussion part for concert band, Madrid tour, 2017

I was also especially happy when my shirt design was chosen for the Budapest tour!

Budapest, 2019

Favourite music/songs that you’ve performed at school over the years?

Mambo Number 5, The Simpsons, ‘Music’ (the piece we’re playing at the moment) in Concert Band.

Mamma Mia Medley, Let it Shine and Make Your Own Kind Of Music in Choir.

Best memories of your time in the music department?

I remember my first time ever joining a music club, which was main choir when it was a lot bigger than it is now, and being so oblivious as to what part to sing and what to do. The sixth formers back then seemed like giants to year 7 me but they always looked out for me. I remember when choir was so big that we couldn’t fit into the music classrooms and we had to use the main hall, which had mixed opinions across the choir. I was always the soprano in boyvox because I could sing the high notes and would always belt them out. I remember when I was a music leader and I challenged myself to lead and conduct concert band and boyvox which was so much fun and I loved the power at the time aha! I remember being asked to take over the glockenspiel part and always overplaying it, and still do! I always have fond memories of all the amazing music tours as well!

MusicFest, 2017
MusicFest, 2019
Playing the bass guitar for Wind Band, 2021
MusicFest, 2021

What are your plans once you leave Hayes and how are you planning to continue your involvement with music?

I am going to the University of Bath to study Computer Science. I have some friends from BYMT in their final year there and they have told me how great the music is so I’m expecting it to be as good as the Hayes music. I am hoping to audition for a music scholarship so that I can continue my lessons there. I hope to join the orchestras at the university too. 

Easter Concert, 2022

To Harry and ALL our Year 13 Musos …

Good luck for your exams and beyond. The Music Department will miss you!

Keep in touch🙂

FREE opportunity to play alongside members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra!

Lilian – Year 7 Music Ambassador

Lilian interview Ms Larbi to find out about music she is enjoying listening to.

The following two songs were chosen as they remind her of good times from her childhood:

The next song was chosen as it makes her feel amazing, despite it being quite a sad song:

Thank you, Lilian.

Listen to the pieces at home and try playing your part along with them:

Chicken Run: Please bring in a kazoo if you have one at home or you could buy yourself one: try here

Click here for separate audio parts for both songs

Podcast recommendation:

Something calming to listen to:

BYMT news

Opportunity for string players:

And finally …

Happy half term everyone!

Have a great half-term break.

Don’t forget that our summer concert is on Thursday 7th July (6.30pm, School Hall). That’s only five weeks once we’re back in school after the half-term holiday so please attend the rehearsals and let the organiser know if you’re unable to be there.

Music Goes Green

No. 5 – Alice, Bibi, James, Charlie and Iona- Year 7 Music Ambassadors

Alice interviewed Mrs Elford to find out which songs she is enjoying listening to at the moment.

James spoke to Ms Duggan.

Ms Duggan chose this song because it’s happy and celebrates people’s differences. She chose the next song because it’s happy and upbeat.

Iona spoke to Miss Cozens. She chose the following song as she feels it has a good beat.

Bibi asked Miss Kiernan about a song she was enjoying listening to at the moment and she chose 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton as it always improves her day!

Charlie interviewed Mrs Enright to find out which songs she likes.

Chosen because it was uplifting and fun to listen to.
Chosen because it’s relaxing and soothing.

Another fab FREE online course from Perc Works

Click here to find out more and sign up

Interested in musical instrument making?

Spotlight on … Anna Lapwood

Anna Lapwood (born 1995) is an organist, conductor and broadcaster. She became the first female organ scholar in Magdalen College Oxford’s 560-year history, and then at the age of 21, became the youngest ever director of music at any Oxbridge college when she took up the role at Pembroke College, Cambridge.

Anna studied piano, violin, viola and composition at the Junior Royal Academy of Music and was the principal harpist for the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain and the Junior Academy Symphony Orchestra.

Anna’s presence on social media has already done much to bring organ playing and choral singing into the 21st century and inspire a future generation of musicians. In addition to this, she has recently been appointed associate artist at the Royal Albert Hall, alongside saxophonist and presenter Jess Gillam, choreographer and filmmaker Corey Baker, and spoken-word performer LionHeart. Their appointments are part of the Royal Albert Hall’s ‘wider push around innovation and diversity’, and it’s hoped that the group’s work will ‘increase young people’s engagement with more traditional artforms’.

Anna’s passion for the organ is matched by her mission to support women in music. Her commitment to opportunity, equality and diversity is evident in almost every aspect of her life and work, especially in programming.  Anna is humbled to find that she is an inspiration to many young women and proud that they have adopted her hashtag, #playlikeagirl.

The Henry Willis Organ situated in the Royal Albert Hall in London is the second largest pipe organ in the United Kingdom, after the Liverpool Cathedral Grand Organ. It has 147 stops and 9,999 pipes.

The organist’s view – notice the rear view mirror

Listen to the pieces at home and try playing your part along with them:

Chicken Run: Please bring in a kazoo if you have one at home or you could buy yourself one: try here

This is so lovely to watch 🙂

BYMT opportunities

Click here to find out more.

Other local music opportunities:

And finally …

Good luck to all of you sitting GCSE and A Level exams

No. 4 – Our Music Ambassadors – Year 7

Our music ambassadors were asked this question

Thank you to Elinor, James, Charlie, Bibi, Iona, Lilian and Alice.

Listen to the pieces at home and try playing your part along with them:

Chicken Run: Please bring in a kazoo if you have one at home or you could buy yourself one: try here

Spotlight on … Jasdeep Singh Degun

Jasdeep Singh Degun is a sitarist who is steeped in the North Indian classical tradition. He was born, raised and is still based in Leeds, north of England. He brings a youthful energy and vision to both Indian classical and contemporary music and he has performed all over the world in many high-profile productions and prestigious venues, including Buckingham Palace and the Royal Albert Hall at the 2014 BBC Proms. 

Playing traditional Indian classical music

He has recently released his debut album Anomaly.

Anomaly showcases exceptional musicality, improvisation, composition and collaboration that is rooted in the ancient repertoire of raags — the frameworks used in the improvised performances of Indian classical music — yet influenced by Jasdeep’s sparkling, contemporary flair that will charm purists and newcomers alike.

Jasdeep’s creations are an exercise in collaboration: culturally, sonically, and emotionally. His extraordinary artistry and innovative approach to composition mixes a new vision into both Indian classical and contemporary Western music.

Real World Records
The title track opens the album by placing the listener in the middle of the studio floor, with sitar, esraj, tabla and swarmandal all around, plus an undertow of cello.

BYMT news

And finally …

If that doesn’t make sense to you, listen to this song by Roy Orbison:

Introducing our new year 7 ambassadors

Congratulations to the following year 7 students who have been selected to be our very first music ambassadors. They were chosen due to their fab commitment and enthusiasm in the music department, and their role is to promote music at Hayes and share our love of all things musical!

Bibi, Alice, James, Lilian, Iona, Elinor and Charlie.

Jazz Band

Many thanks to Jazz Band for giving up their free time to play at the Hayes May Queen event on Saturday. You sounded great.

Thank you 🙂

Classic FM’s revision hour

Find out more here.

Something else you might like to try:

Hosted by singer-songwriter NAO, The Music & Meditation Podcast is an eight-part series designed to help you find stillness and meet the challenges of daily life. Inspired by NAO’s own journey, the podcast addresses themes relating to mental health and wellbeing.

Each episode sees a different meditation expert addressing themes ranging from FOMO to body positivity, loneliness to trusting your instincts. It’s all soundtracked with original music from some of the UK’s most talented young composers, exclusively recorded by the BBC Concert Orchestra and BBC Singers.

No. 3 – Will – Year 8

Jacob Collier

I have chosen to talk about Jacob Collier as I think that he is an amazing musician and a musical genius. Jacob comes from London and he is famous for his jazz reharmonisation, close harmonies and energetic live shows. He has a very musical family as his mum and siblings all play instruments. In 2016, he released his first album, “Djesse”, with 50 songs on it. He also went on a world tour between 2015-2017 finishing in Greece.

Jacob has had huge YouTube success after his multi-track recordings went viral in just a few days:

He continued to put out covers of popular songs on YouTube and his popularity grew. The BBC recently made a documentary about him and his music:

Listen to the pieces at home and try playing your part along with them:

Interested in jazz music and want to learn more?

This website has some great resources to explore. Click on the images below:

And finally …

Les Misérables trip reviews

Bibi – Year 7

As many of you will know, Bibi is a HUGE fan of musicals. Here are her top 5 favourites and why she likes them:






Thank you to Bibi for being this week’s guest contributor. Next week’s spot is up for grabs. Please let me know if you would like to take it on.

Immerse yourself in a 360° view of the BBC Symphony Orchestra performing ‘The Firebird Suite’ by Igor Stravinsky, recorded at Maida Vale Studios, London. Use your mouse to scroll round and see the different sections of the orchestra.

Here are this term’s pieces:

Listen to the pieces at home and try playing your part along to them.

Don’t forget that applications to take part in the NYO Inspire courses are FREE and OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND. NYO Inspire is the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain’s game-changing inclusion and access programme, which provides free orchestral opportunities for teenage musicians playing at Grade 6 standard. At the heart of the programme is the power of peer inspiration and learning; NYO believes teenagers can gain so much from open exchange with fellow teenage musicians.

Find out more and apply here.

If you want to power up your ensemble playing, expand your horizons and have a great time with musicians from across the country, then NYO Inspire is your next step. Here are Erin and Emma at the most recent NYO Inspire course:

Heardle is a new version of Wordle for music fans.

Videogame Heardle is another Wordle clone that tests your video game soundtrack knowledge.

Spotlight on … Jess Gillam

Hailing from Ulverston in Cumbria, Jess Gillam is animating the music world with her outstanding talent and infectious personality. She has been forging her own adventurous path since she shot to fame becoming the first saxophonist to reach the finals of BBC Young Musician and the youngest ever soloist to perform at the Last Night of the Proms. Passionate about inspiring and bringing joy to people through music, Jess invites audiences on journeys of musical discovery through her electrifying performances and eclectic programming.

As well as performing around the world, Jess is a presenter on TV and Radio. She became the youngest ever presenter for BBC Radio 3 with the launch of her own weekly show, This Classical Life

Jess features from 2:09

BYMT opportunities

And finally …

Here’s one for our music techies

Introducing …

Would you like to be a guest contributor on the Hayes Music Blog?

I would really like to have a student-led section in the blog each week that provides an opportunity for you to share your own ideas about all things musical. If you are keen to help me share the music love, please pop into CGG for a chat on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays, or contact me via email. All welcome 🙂

Mrs Foster

First up is …
Emma – French Horn – Year 9

Update from Emma’s most recent NYO Inspire course:

From the 18th to the 24th of April, I took part in a NYO Inspire course that took place in Canterbury. On this course, we played one vocal and body percussion piece, and then split into two groups, with one group doing a creative project and the other taking part in a modern orchestral piece. We were preparing for a performance in Coventry Cathedral as part of the New Music Biennial this year.

The Vocal and Body Percussion piece was called Hands Free, composed by Anna Meredith, choreographed by David Ogle. This piece has been performed at the BBC Proms in 2012 by the NYO and also performed in other countries around the world. The piece consist of 3 movements: movement one is a body percussion piece which starts off with a simple pulse and then we split into 6 groups (which are used in movements 2 and 3 as well) and perform a body percussion rhythm / routine. Movement two is a vocal movement where we hum a C minor scale with  people holding different notes in the scale and then ending with 2 groups singing a melody, which leads on to movement 3. Movement three is beatboxing and body percussion movement. This is the longest movement which included individual body percussion moments and many times of going into canon (where we perform a section at different times to others, in this case, other groups). The 3rd movement also consists of more complicated techniques such as phases and metric modulation.

The orchestral piece was called Mighty River, composed by Erollyn Wallen, is a piece that was commissioned for the 200th year of the abolition of Slavery Act (2007) and is dedicated to her great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother, for her bravery and determination ‘in the face of dreadful odds’. The piece starts with a lovely horn solo of the famous song, Amazing Grace, a very common spiritual that was sung by the enslaved people to keep their spirits high in the terrible conditions they were faced with. The tempo then increases slightly, with the violins keeping a consistent tempo through the use of quavers. “Amazing Grace’ is played throughout the piece in various sections by the flute, oboe and first violins. The piece also feel like a river with very smooth chords and some melodic lines, and the use of the harp really feels calming, almost like waves of the ocean. There are some sharp interjections by the brass, and specifically the use of augmented 4ths in the horn section. The piece then ends with another horn solo of ‘Amazing Grace’, but it is more free than the first time it is played, and is accompanied by percussion, specifically African drums, and then finishes with a lovely consonant chord, which gradually disappears and fades away into nothingness.

The creative piece was not based around instruments, and the ‘instruments’ used were made with rubbish from people’s homes. Although, the piece included some improvised horn solos, cello solos, flute solos and clarinet solos with a steady percussive beat throughout, and it was great fun to listen to, but was sadly not performed in Coventry Cathedral.

The music course was great fun, and it was fantastic opportunity to play new contemporary music, and see different styles of music such as hands free instead just orchestral playing. It was also a great opportunity to meet new people and make music with even more talented young musicians from all over the country. The performance in Coventry Cathedral was also such an amazing venue to play in: the whole course was just absolutely fantastic.

Emma, French Horn, year 9

NYO Inspire is the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain’s game-changing inclusion and access programme, which provides free orchestral opportunities for teenage musicians playing at Grade 6 standard. 

Click here to find out moreS

Speak to Emma (year 9), Erin (year 9) and Brooke (year 11) for first-hand experiences!

Les Mis – 28th April – What a fab trip!

Trip reviews to follow – watch this space.

Here’s the piece we started to learn this week:

Listen to this at home and try playing your part along to it.

Here’s the song we started to learn this week:

Recording Matchmaker for the Broadway production cast album back in 2016

BYMT news

Musical Theatre News

Musical Con is the West End’s first ever Musical Theatre fan convention. Brand new for 2022, the entire musical theatre community is coming together under one roof for the first time for a weekend-long celebration of all things musical.

Find out more here.

Spotlight on … Lin-Manuel Miranda

Helpful advice:

And finally …

All systems go!

All music clubs start next week (week beginning Monday 25th April). We need a great turnout at rehearsals this term so that we can put on the most amazing Summer Concert on Thursday 7th July so …

It would be fab to see lots more at choir and HUB.

Please put the summer concert date (Thursday 7th July at 6.30pm) into your diaries/family calendars NOW so that we can have everyone taking part.

ET trip – thank you to those of you who wrote a review.

Look out for them in the next school newsletter (and spot them in one of the music corridor displays too).

Emma in year 9 has recently been on an NYO Inspire course:

In February, I was invited to go to Coventry on a course called NYO Inspire. NYO Inspire is a great opportunity for young musicians from grades 6-8, and allows teenagers from underrepresented backgrounds to make music with many other talented musicians across the country. The course included many creative opportunities like making your own music making your own music with different types of instruments, and of course the one main aspect of the course: making music with other talented musicians. I was also introduced to many NYO musicians, who were so inspiring and gave all of the Inspire musicians’ fantastic guidance throughout. NYO Inspire was such a fantastic experience to be part of and it is such an amazing community of young musicians from around the country.

Emma, French Horn, year 9

NYO Inspire is the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain’s game-changing inclusion and access programme, which provides free orchestral opportunities for teenage musicians playing at Grade 6 standard. Click here to find out more and speak to Emma (yr 9) and Brooke (yr 11) for first-hand experiences!

Practise following a musical score:

If you’re interested in learning more about how to follow a score then have a look at this fab FREE course from I Can Compose :

Click here to find out more

Biggin Hill Concert Band are recruiting new members and are looking for a drummer, brass players and clarinetists.

The Biggin Hill Concert Band is a wind band aiming to provide a fun environment for local musicians to perform and improve. The band rehearses at The Warren Metropolitan Police Sports Club, Croydon Road,  Hayes under the direction of their Musical Director Andee Burkett. Rehearsals are 8-9.30pm on Monday evenings.

Formed in September 2012, the band now features 40+ members and aims to perform 4-5 concerts a year. 

They are particularly looking for Tuba, Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet and Percussion players to join the band.

Please click here if you are interested.

Interested in taking part? Find out more here.

Registration is now open for summer term AYM (Aspiring Young Musicians) courses  The AYM Courses include Ableton Music Production, MC/Spoken Word and Keyboards for Songwriting (Aged 11-16s) and Cre8tiv® courses include Logic Pro Music Production and Keyboard Skills for Songwriting (aged 16+).

All courses are held at The Midi Music Company, 77 Watson’s Street, Deptford, London SE8 4AU.

Find out more here.

Keen to have singing lessons? Here’s a FREE opportunity:

And finally …