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summer 19 rehsched

All you need to know about the summer concert:

  • Rehearsals Mon-Wed as usual
  • Rehearsals for Thursday 4th are shown above: all these rehearsals are in the hall unless stated otherwise
  • Concert is at 6.30pm. Tickets on the door – adults £5, under-18s and senior citizens FREE
  • Wear all black
  • You can stash instrument cases etc. in CGD and CGF
  • When not performing, please be in the audience. Do not hang out in the music rooms during the concert, or move around unnecessarily in/around the hall. Be considerate audience members and support everyone else’s performances
  • The concert will finish around 9pm
  • If you are in Choir you have a LOT of words to learn – you need to get on the case with this! See the Choirs page for videos/audio etc. to helpSummer 19 poster

A musical end of term is coming!

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Here’s what’s coming:

  • Summer Concert Thursday 4th July the rehearsal schedule for this will be in next week’s blog
  • Sports Awards Evening Wednesday 10th July this will involve Jamsesh#1, maybe Jazz Band, and a few individuals…
  • Hazefest Saturday 13th July will involve Jamsesh#1 and various other people in different combinations – and hopefully LOTS of you in the audience having a great time!
  • Everyone Matters charity project – this will involve a few musicians in years 8-10 in the last week of term. You will be contacted in the next week or so if you’re going to be involved. It will involve a morning of rehearsals and then two afternoons visiting different care homes in the local area and giving concerts

Tour 2020


Letters about our tour to Amsterdam in April 2020 will be going out (to members of Choir and Concert Band) in the next week or so. We want to get as many deposits in this side of the summer holidays as possible, so we can make an early booking. So keep parents on alert for the email!

Boomwhackers as performance art…

Really hopeful that we’ll get a boomwhacker performance in a Musicfest in 2019-20!

Well done Jazz Band!

Summer 19 poster

Well done to Jazz Band for making it through the wind and rain at Hayes Fair last weekend, and playing through it all! Hayes Village Association are very appreciative of our music.

We are now looking forward to the Summer Concert on 4th July. It would be good to have everyone at rehearsals in the next few weeks, including Year 11s and Year 13s as far as possible.

Any plug sockets?

K2747WHI - Logic Plus™ Socket Outlet Moulded Wall Plate, 2 Gang, 13A Switched, Inboard Rockers, White

If you are doing any DIY at home and replacing any sockets, we would love your old ones! They do not need to work – we make them into storage for our keyboard adaptors. Bring in anything you’ve got and Kevin the caretaker will work his magic!

Here’s something for you to practise…

…another thing we haven’t ever had in a MusicFest (YET!)

Well done Jamseshers!

Sing Up Day video

…well you have to wait a while, and then if you blink you might miss us, but we’re there!

There should be a longer video coming out soon of our morning with Yale Glee Club.

Music week assemblies and Hayes Fair

Huge congratulations to Jamsesh #1 and #2 for their brilliant performances in assemblies this week. It’s a tough gig – and you were fabulous!

Jazz Band are playing at Hayes Fair on Saturday 8th June at 1pm. 

We will meet in the music dept beforehand (11.30) to trundle everything over.


Image result for good luck

Well done to our GCSE musicians and A level techies, who have now completed all of their exams.

Just one music exam left – A level music next Friday, so best of luck to our lovely Year 13s!

Awesome beatbox sounds

Music week assemblies and Hayes Fair

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As well as exams going full steam ahead, we have got performances happening!

Jamsesh #1 and Jamsesh #2 will be involved in Music Week assemblies in the first week back. 

All members of both groups will be required for afternoon assemblies on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (not Thursday as far as I know).

Here are some details:

  • Jamsesh #1 will be doing Billy Joel. Jamsesh #2 will be doing Bon Jovi.
  • On Monday’s assembly, Jamsesh #1 will go first.
  • You will need to leave your lessons at 2.30 to get set up. Big stuff (drum kit, amps, keyboards) etc. will be on the stage all week, and just need to be moved into place
  • It would be good to get the red drum kit, amps etc. sorted earlier in the day on Monday (so we don’t have a mad panic at 2.30)

Jazz Band are playing at Hayes Fair on Saturday 8th June at 1pm. 

We will meet in the music dept beforehand (11.30) to trundle everything over. Things will need packing up on the Friday.

Image result for good luck

Good luck to Year 11 for their music exam on the Tuesday after half term!

This is for you…

The orchestral piece that they are referencing (alongside Cup Song) is this (from 3.18):

Full steam ahead to half term

Image result for full steam ahead

It’s a busy time… the music techies have their first exam this week, with Year 11 gearing up for the GCSE listening paper the week after half term!

Keep coming to rehearsals as a break from your revision – you can’t revise all the time!

Dates for your diary:

Hayes Fair Saturday 8th June – 1pm – Jazz Band

Summer Concert Thursday 4th July – 6.30pm – EVERYONE

Here’s something to try over the weekend…

Rehearsals v. exams


Image result for a break from revision

This term sometimes gets a bit difficult, as exam pressures and rehearsals start to collide. However, you need to remember that you simply cannot work all the time, and coming to a rehearsal can be beneficial for your health, happiness, and ultimately your exam success! Plus, more people at rehearsals = a better summer concert!

An opportunity


For more info on this, please click this link.

Something to inspire you

Rodrigo y Gabriela are a genre-busting Mexican guitar duo. You can find out more about them on their website

A great start to the summer term

Great turnout at rehearsals this week – everything is off to a flying start in this term that is such an important time for our Y11s and Y13s. The coursework is in and we are ready to take on anything!


So here’s a summary of what we’ve got on this term:

  • Saturday 8th June, 1pm: Jazz Band at Hayes Village Fair
  • Thursday 4th July, 6.30pm: EVERYONE at Summer Concert
  • Saturday 13th July , 3pm: Jamsesh #1 and many other Hayes musos present and past at Hazefest 6

See you at rehearsals!

Tour video and start of term details

Thanks so much to Laura and Hannah for doing the video this year!

Scannable Document on 13 Apr 2019 at 10_00_11

…and here is Mr Foster’s drawing to commemorate another brilliant tour!

Talking of tour, our tour manager from last year, Georg, says ‘Salut!’ and happy Easter from the Musikpavillon in Leipzig where we performed last year:

We really hope to have Georg as our tour manager again next year for Amsterdam 2020!

Plans for this week

We will be unpacking all the tour stuff on Wednesday 24th April at lunchtime. All tour-goers are welcome to come and help.

Let’s get all the music leaders together Thursday 25th at lunch to make some plans for the summer term and do a big sort-out of concert band music (it’s likely this will take up Friday lunchtime too).

Rehearsals will start up again on Monday 29th April. 

A fab Easter Concert! And now…

Image result for keep calm and go on tour

The coffin is packed.

We are ready!

Menjünk Budapestre!

Slide1Well done on a brilliant Easter Concert!

Apart from all the fantastic music, it was amazing (and very much appreciated) to see so many students take responsibility for sorting out all kinds of backstage things: running the door, setting up, clearing away and so on. You rock.

Image result for after the holidays

After the holidays, we will be unpacking all the tour stuff on Wednesday 24th April at lunchtime.

Let’s get all the music leaders together Thursday 25th at lunch to make some plans for the summer term.

Rehearsals will start up again on Monday 29th April.