What a week!

Here is a reminder of the great times we had with Yale Glee Club this week. We worked with them on a performance of the Sing Up Day song, One Moment, One People by Beccy Owen, and also did some warmups and work on focus and projection. They performed a range of songs for our choir and the whole of Year 7, ranging from some beautiful Stanford motets to some traditional spirituals and Yale songs.

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Also, a huge well done to the cast and band for Little Shop. The band have come in in the last 2 weeks and have done such a professional job in playing a demanding score to a fabulous standard.

We now have less than 3 weeks until the Easter concert…. and TOUR!!

Africa… forever


Welcome to Yale Glee Club!

We look forward to welcoming our American visitors on Wednesday. Here’s what’s happening:

  • If you are in Choir, or in Year 7, we need your photography consent form back (especially if you’re in Choir).
  • Choir are doing their workshop period 2 on Wednesday. Come straight to the Hall. We’ll be working on One Moment, One People and probably doing some other stuff too! We’ll have a look at the song in our rehearsal on Monday to get to know it a bit better.
  • Year 7 are having a performance from the Glee Club period 3 on Wednesday. If you are in Year 7, you’ll be coming to the hall straight after break. If you’re in Year 7 AND in Choir, you win twice!

Little Shop of Horrors

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Have you got your tickets yet for the main school show? Don’t miss this brilliant production! We have an amazing team of actors, singers, and instrumentalists who have been working their socks off to bring you a fabulous show!

Tour parents evening

budapest tshirt design

Tour parents’ evening is confirmed for Monday 1st April at 6pm in the Hall – a letter has gone out via Parentmail. This time next month we’ll be there!!

Easter Concert

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Remember this is coming up on Thursday 4th April – make sure you’re at all rehearsals between now and then, so we can make it a fabulous one!

Music and science – wow


Busy times ahead!

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yale glee club

Visit from Yale Glee Club, 13th March

We are very excited to be welcoming Yale Glee Club on 13th March! Remember that we need your photography consent slips back (either on paper or via parent email). If you go to the Choirs page, you will be able to learn the song we will be doing together, One Moment, One People.

budapest tshirt design

Music tour to Budapest

First of all, congratulations to Harry, whose design will be adorning our tour t-shirts this year (which will be Kermit green). Although a shout out must go to Hannah and Ben Martin, whose design was almost identical to Harry’s (great minds think alike).

Secondly, we will be having a tour meeting for tourgoers and their parents in the last week of term. The provisional date for this is Monday 1st April at 6pm, but this will be confirmed and an email sent out. At the meeting we will go through our itinerary, talk logistics, and collect in your passports.

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Skiffle Band are looking for new recruits!

Guitarists, singers, or just interested people are required on Thursday lunchtimes to be in our skiffle band! Talk to Matthew Layson if you want to know more, or just turn up to CGF on Thursday lunch.

Still hoping for some creative Boomwhacker action in a MusicFest one day…

Well done on a terrific MusicFest!

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Well done to everyone who performed in MusicFest this week. There was such an incredible array of brilliantly performed, imaginative and creative music, from students in every single year group. Special thanks to our tech team, everyone who helped with setting up and selling tickets/refreshments, Harry for sorting the programme and Ben for doing the video.

Next half term we are super-busy again! We have the main school show Little Shop of Horrors, the Easter concert, and our tour to Budapest to look forward to! Year 11s and Year 13s are also really busy getting all their coursework to the peak of perfection…

Rehearsals for everything start on the first day back.

Something to listen to that will improve your life

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I know that sounds really drastic, but these podcasts are that good! Each one takes a song and breaks it down, explaining exactly why it works: melody, harmony and production. It will improve your understanding, your listening, and your songwriting… there is nothing not to love about these! Start with Dancing Queen. 


This is a button accordion (so, buttons on both sides rather than a piano-type keyboard for your right hand). The left-hand buttons do chords and bass notes. Bear in mind that you can’t see your left hand AT ALL when playing this. This guy’s technique and virtuosity is unbelievable. He is playing all the parts written for an entire orchestra plus a solo violin!

Congratulations to Mrs West and MusicFest!


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Clara Grace Mary West was born on Tuesday, weighing 6lbs 8oz. Everyone is doing really well. We send our bestest wishes to Mrs West and her husband, and to Clara’s brother Theo. Mrs West will bring Clara in to visit us soon!

MusicFest: what you need to know

musicfest feb 19 poster

If you are a performer:

  • It starts at 6pm, and will finish around 8.30pm.
  • It’s in the Hall
  • You can wear whatever you like as long as you look nice
  • If you are using a backing track, please either give us a CD or send us a link asap
  • If MissW or MrsB are accompanying you, please arrange a rehearsal if you haven’t already
  • You will be emailed the draft programme early next week: you must let us know if you need anything to be changed

If you are a music leader, or would like to help out with the organisation of the event:

  • There is a rehearsal for the school play in the Hall on Wednesday until 5pm. Before then you can still get things organised and ready to move in at 5
  • Once we get to 5pm it will be ACTION STATIONS for getting everything sorted in the hall and with the refreshments
  • We will need people on the door and on the refreshments stall
  • We will also need some people at the front during the concert to move things around

If you are coming to be in the audience: 

  • It starts at 6pm
  • It’s £2 on the door
  • Be supportive of everyone’s performance
  • Be sensitive to the differing etiquette that goes with different types of performance. If it’s something entirely acoustic, you must be silent and still. If you have bought a can of drink, do not open it at a quiet moment. If it’s a band, and they’re playing loud music and inviting a bit of audience participation, this is a whole different thing: now it is appropriate to make some noise.

Do you need this?

Are you ready for our trip to the RFH?

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If you are coming on our trip on Tuesday, you have been sent an email with programme notes (information about the pieces) – make sure you check this out, together with the info in last week’s blog about concert etiquette.

We are meeting at Hayes Station at 6pm on Tuesday. Remember to bring your Oyster card – because free train travel for schools is not possible in the evening, you either need to use your Oyster or buy yourself a return ticket to Waterloo East.

MusicFest – last call for entries

musicfest feb 19 poster

If you want to perform, make sure your entries are in by Wednesday, so we have a week to get the programme organised. Use this form to do your entry.

How much of a music geek are you?

Music geek quiz

Try this quiz – it makes out it’s really hard – but it isn’t really!!


Have you put in your MusicFest entry yet?

musicfest feb 19 poster

MusicFest is always a brilliant opportunity to perform your own choice of music to a friendly and supportive crowd. All students in all year groups are welcome to perform, solo or in groups, and in any style. If you would like to perform, please fill in this online form.

Music tour to Budapest


Remember, we want your t-shirt designs!

Here’s what we need:

  • A bold design in one colour only that will look good from a distance
  • It must include the text Hayes School Music Tour Budapest 2019
  • You might include something relevant to Hungary or Budapest in your design (last time we went to Budapest, in 2012, the design included a Rubik’s cube)
  • It can be done by hand or created on a computer. If done by hand, it will need to be in ink, not pencil

Please get your entries in by February 8th. 

Concert trip to Royal Philharmonic, 5th February

A letter to parents will go out next week to firm up the final details regarding travel arrangements etc.

In the meantime, here are some videos that will help you get the most out of our trip!

Firstly, if you’ve never been to an orchestral concert before, here is a quick guide to concert etiquette:

One of the pieces we will hear is Scheherezade. This beautiful piece tells a story, and you will enjoy it more if you know what the story is, and how the music fits with it. This very entertaining video explains it all.

MusicFest is coming!

Christmas concert video

Now you can relive the Christmas concert in all its glory… HUGE thanks to Ben Fr for shooting and editing the video!

Music Fest Wednesday 13th February


MusicFest is open to students in all year groups. Solos, duets, small groups, ANY style, whatever you like! If you would like to perform in MusicFest, please sign up using this online form.

Could you design our tour t-shirt?


We need to order our t-shirts for this year’s music tour to Budapest. Here’s what we need:

  • A bold design in one colour only that will look good from a distance
  • It must include the text Hayes School Music Tour Budapest 2019
  • You might include something relevant to Hungary or Budapest in your design (last time we went to Budapest, in 2012, the design included a Rubik’s cube)
  • It can be done by hand or created on a computer. If done by hand, it will need to be in ink, not pencil

Please get your entries in by February 8th. 


Hello 2019!

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All rehearsals start this week

…beginning on Monday 14th. Everything is at the same times as last term. See you there!

Events coming up this term

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Our visit to hear the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall is coming up soon, on Tuesday 5th Feb. If you’re coming on this trip, you’ll get final details (via Parentmail) in the next couple of weeks: the same info will also appear here. I’ll be talking to you before we go about concert etiquette and will also give you some info to help you enjoy this fabulous music to the full!

MusicFest is on Wednesday 13th February. Online entry for this will be opening soon – start planning what you might perform. MusicFest is open to all students: solos, duets, small groups and bands, and the choice of music is completely up to you. Anything and everything is welcome!

Our visit from the Yale University Glee Club will be on 13th March. This will involve the whole of Year 7 plus Choir. More details nearer the time.

Easter Concert is on Thursday 4th April. This will be at school, 6.30pm in the Hall. All main ensembles will be performing. You’ll find some videos for this term’s choir songs on the Choir page.

Music Tour to Budapest isn’t far off now – we depart on Sunday 7th April. We will be having a parents’ meeting in the last week of term. In the meantime, the final payment was due this week, so everyone should be fully paid up now. One other bit of admin: because of Brexit, you need to make sure that your passport has at least 6 months until its expiry date (i.e. from the time we get back). So, if yours expires before 14th October, you’ll need to apply for a new one – it would be best to get this sorted now, before it becomes a last-minute rush.

Guitar picks – please help

Image result for guitar picks

We don’t know who eats all the guitar picks, but we ALWAYS need more. Did you get given gift cards for Christmas? If so, please give them to us once you’ve spent them – we can make them into new guitar picks! So a piece of single-use plastic gets more use… please give your used gift cards to any music teacher, or put them in the post box outside the music office.

An opportunity!

This is one of the pieces we will hear in the RPO concert


Possibly one of the most beautiful pieces ever written.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Well done on a busy and brilliant term, and especially a truly wonderful Christmas concert!

Rehearsals start the 2nd week back

That’s Monday 14th January.

Music Leaders & prefects please come for a meeting at lunchtime on Monday 7th to make some plans.

In the meantime, have a restful and/or exciting holiday!

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