Well done to all who performed in MusicFest



Huge congratulations to everyone who performed in MusicFest. You demonstrated such musicality, creativity, confidence and teamwork, we were very proud to see such an array of great performances in so many different styles.

Now go and have a fantastic half term! Have a good rest, and recharge your batteries ready for our busiest half term of all. Christmas is coming…!

Here’s what’s coming up – make sure you have dates in your diary and that you know what’s going on!

  • Tuesday 20th November 7pm: Year 7 concert at St Mark’s church
  • Saturday 24th November during the afternoon: Hayes Christmas Lights – this involves Jamsesh #1 and Jamsesh #2
  • Sunday 9th Decmeber 6.30pm: Christmas Tree festival at Hayes Free Church – this involves Concert Band
  • Wednesday 19th December 6.30pm in the Hall: Christmas Concert – this involves EVERYONE!

A CHOON to send you on your way

Have heard a few of you playing this in the last couple of weeks – here is the BEST version ever (…well until we do a handbell version!).

MusicFest this week


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Here are all the details you need to know about MusicFest:

  • It is on Thursday 18th October at 6pm in the Hall
  • It should finish by 8.30pm
  • Performers can wear whatever they like as long as they look nice
  • Everyone is welcome to be in the audience (students, parents, friends) – entry is £2 on the door for non-performers
  • When you are not actually performing (or just about to perform) you should be in the Hall as part of the audience – you can leave instrument cases etc. in CGD but this is NOT somewhere to hang out/rehearse while MusicFest is actually happening
  • Music leaders, prefects and anyone else who wants to help needs to be around from 4pm to set up and get things ready.
  • Before and during the MusicFest we will need music leaders and prefects to man the refreshments stall and some of you to be at the front to move mics/stands etc.
  • At the end, the more people help put things away, the quicker we get it done!

Looking ahead to after half term


We have our busiest time coming up! You might as well get used to it – November and December are always super-busy for musicians 🙂

Here’s what’s coming up – make sure you have dates in your diary and that you know what’s going on!

  • Tuesday 20th November 7pm: Year 7 concert at St Mark’s church
  • Saturday 24th November during the afternoon: Hayes Christmas Lights – this involves Jamsesh #1 and Jamsesh #2
  • Sunday 9th Decmeber 6.30pm: Christmas Tree festival at Hayes Free Church – this involves Concert Band
  • Wednesday 19th December 6.30pm in the Hall: Christmas Concert – this involves EVERYONE!

Songs you never knew were covers

Thank you to everyone who helped at Open Day


New signs looking brilliant at the end of our corridor – up just in time for Open Day!

A huge thank you to Jazz Band, and everyone who helped out in the department, especially Harry, Ben F, Ellen and Ben M who were amazing in answering people’s questions and getting some chair drumming and Boomwhacking going. Jazz Band braved a chilly morning to put on a fantastic show at the front of the school as always. You students are our best advert! We are very proud of you all.

Get those MusicFest entries in!

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MusicFest is coming up fast, on 18th October. Anyone, in any year group, can perform whatever piece they like, as a solo, or a duet, or in a group – it’s up to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re an old hand, or if this is your very first public performance. The audience is always supportive whether it’s something classical, pop, musical theatre, own compositions, rock, grade 1 or grade 8+.

To enter, you need to fill in this online form (you will need your Hayes login to access this).

Rehearsals this week

Everything will happen at the usual times this week, with the exception of Jamsesh #1 on Thursday, which isn’t on due to a staff training session.

It would be amazing to get some Boomwhacker/melodica action into MusicFest!

…just saying!


MusicFest entries now open

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MusicFest entries are now open. Any student is welcome to perform anything they want to – solos, duets, bands, ensembles, classical, rock, own compositions… it doesn’t matter whether you are grade 8+ or if this is your first ever performance, all are welcome.

If you would like to perform, you need to complete this form (you need a Hayes login to access this).

Music tour to Budapest

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Thank you to everyone who has paid a deposit for tour. You all now have confirmed places on tour. We do still have room to squeeze another few people in, so if you are interested in coming on tour – and are a member of Choir and/or Concert Band, please speak to Miss W.

Hayes handbells are go!

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We are very excited to be receiving our set of handbells this afternoon! Our next job is to decide what our handbell group will be called. Please vote in our poll!

Early finish next Friday

Image result for early finish

We have an early finish next Friday (5th October). So no lunchtime or after school music clubs will happen next week.

Open Day


Open Day is Saturday 6th. Jazz Band will be out the front as usual. In CGD we will be doing chair drumming and Boomwhackers – come and join in anytime between 9 and 12!

Musicfest is on the horizon!


BYMT jazz school

This is another great opportunity at BYMT!

Musicfest 18th October

MusicFest is coming up on Thursday 18th October. Any student, in any group, can perform in any style of music. We welcome solos, duets, bands, own compositions… anything goes (as long as nobody will be offended by the content of your music). Get planning what you might perform! We will start online booking of performance slots in next week’s blog.


A huge well done to those of you who performed at Hayes Primary this week – Mr Vitarana was very impressed and proud of his ex-pupils! Hayes Primary are looking for some of our students to help out with their band – in particular, people who play sax, clarinet, trumpet, trombone or baritone. This is on Wednesdays, 12.45-1.15. Obviously for us, this cuts into p4, as you would need to leave at 12.30 to get to Hayes Primary in time. So really we’re looking for 6th formers who have a free p4 on a Wednesday (either week) or students lower down in the school who think that they could find reasons to justify missing part of p4 sometimes on a Wednesday! Hayes Primary are happy for any input we can give – whether that’s regular or more occasional. If you think you could help with this, please speak to Miss Werry.


Hopefully we will be getting our handbell set soon! We won’t have quite as many as this… but we will definitely be this good! 🙂

We are in full swing now!

Related image

Rehearsals have got off to a fantastic start! However, if you still haven’t come along to anything, it’s not too late. Look back to last week’s post for the schedule of what’s on when. You can find some video clips of rehearsals this week for Handbells and Jamsesh #2 on our hayes_music Intagram: sounding great already!

Pops choir autumn 18

Another opportunity for Hayes students is the SEN department Pops Choir on Friday lunchtimes. Hop on over to the Choir page (on the dropdown menu under the home tab at the top of this page) to see what they (and the other choirs) are doing this term.

Wider listening this week

Some classes have seen this already this week, but it’s worth sharing with everyone. Esperanza Spalding is amazing – here she is playing a 5-string fretless bass, and singing – and doing both brilliantly. She is one clever woman – she does this on the double bass as well – check it out!

More details about our rehearsals, plus other opportunities

It’s been great to see so many of you at rehearsals this week! Here is a definitive list of what’s happening when, and where…

rehearsals 18 revised2

Please note that Guitar Group will be starting on Tuesday 18th. 

Singing opportunities at BYMT

Have a look at all of these – lots there for singers of all types! Just in case there’s just not enough singing going on at school….

BYMT vocal dept

Greatest Showman sing thingChamber Choir poster

Last few places on tour are up for grabs!

Image result for budapest

We have 10 seats on the coach to fill! If you have not yet paid a deposit, and would like to come on tour this year, please see MissW for a letter about it. Deposits need to be in by 21st September, so hurry!

Let’s get this year off to a great start!

Rehearsals start on Monday 3rd

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 18.01.23
Sorry everyone – an earlier version of the schedule had JamSesh round the wrong way – this is now correct, with JamSesh#1 on Thursday and JamSesh#2 on Friday. 

…with the exception of Guitar Group, which will start back on Tuesday 11th, or maybe even the following week (it depends when Mr Hendry starts his teaching).

As well as the groups listed above, there are some other musical opportunities open to Hayes students:


…in case you’re wondering what skiffle is, here is an example:

You may have noticed that Chamber Choir is no longer on the rehearsal schedule. This is because we lost so many Year 13 members in July, and nobody came to audition to swell the ranks, so we simply do not have enough singers to make a chamber choir. However, Laura is planning on running a small vocal group for ex-Chamber Choir singers, on Thursday lunchtimes in CGG. Come along and see what she has planned!

Finally, Mrs Foster will be running a Clarinet Choir on Tuesdays after school. If you play clarinet and are interested in playing in a small group, please contact Mrs Foster directly.

See the ‘about’ page for all this year’s concert dates. We look forward to seeing everyone at rehearsals next week!

Wider listening

This week’s listening is a special bit of Hayes music! Dan Shears left Hayes in 2005 after doing AS Music and A level Music Tech. He’s now forging a career as a singer and songwriter. Here is the debut single from his new album Shadow & Whimsy. Dan always had an amazing singing voice with an incredible high register, and his very own quirky musical style. You will get this in bucketloads when you watch the video!

Happy holidays everyone!

Have a fantastic summer!

Listen to some new music! Go to a promLearn a new piece! Play/sing some old favourites!

Have a great time but stay musical!

We’ll see you at the end of August. We will be having a meeting for Music Leaders and Prefects on the second day back, lunchtime on Thursday 30th August. 

Rehearsals will all start on Monday 3rd September.

Chamber Choir auditions next week

Bring a song to sing – this can be anything you like. Unaccompanied, backing track, piano accompaniment, all fine. Then we will test your range to find the top and bottom of your voice, and see if you can hold a harmony part in a piece we will teach you. There will also be a tiny bit of sight reading.

Something to see in the holidays

Great local theatre and live music! This will be a lot of fun, and if you come along there might be some people in the cast that you recognise!