Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” is a song by the British pop duo Eurythmics consisting of members Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart. The song was released in early 1983 and became their breakthrough hit, establishing the duo worldwide.

The 1980s saw synth pop dominate the charts. The pop duo used synthesisers and drum machines on many of their songs from this time. This song features a repeated riff played on the synthesiser and dramatic vocals from the lead singer, Annie Lennox. A riff is a short, repeated melodic pattern, often forming the background to a solo or vocal line.

Their music (particularly with Lennox’s vocal stylings) brought a soul music twist to the electronic sound, which proved popular with broader audiences.

A 1980s synthesiser. A synthesiser is an electronic musical instrument that generates audio signals. 
Movement Computer Systems (MCS) Drum System II (or Percussion Computer II), circa 1981, United Kingdom - Knobcon 2014.jpg
A very rare 1980s drum machine which featured a graphic visual display of the drum patterns. A drum machine is an electronic musical instrument that creates percussion sounds, drum beats, and patterns.

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