Alexis Ffrench (born 1970) is a contemporary composer and pianist from the UK. He is known for his unique style of combining his classical training on the piano with a love of roots music and R&B (rhythm and blues).

Today’s piece, Waterfalls comes from his debut album, Evolution.

Things to listen out for:

  • The piece begins in 3/4 time with a 1-in-a-bar feel. 
  • The right-hand melody mainly consists of step-wise movement.
  • The opening melody is repeated several times. At 00:51 listen out for the violin counter-melody (a secondary tune heard at the same time as the main melody).
  • The music builds up to a climactic moment at 02:01 where the piano note values are halved, creating a cascading feel (like a waterfall)
  • A percussion instrument called a mark tree is used at various points during the piece. See if you can hear when it is being played.
25 Bar Mark Tree by Gear4music: Musical Instruments
A mark tree

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