Well done to everyone who performed in MusicFest this week. There was such an incredible array of brilliantly performed, imaginative and creative music, from students in every single year group. Special thanks to our tech team and everyone else who helped on the night and behind the scenes.

March is Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is dedicated to honouring and learning about women’s contributions to history, culture and society.

Here are some listening suggestions celebrating the work of female composers:

Concerts and trips this term:

Choir: Click here to hear this term’s songs and practise your part.

Musical Theatre:

Click here for One Day More. Lyrics here.

Click here for My Shot. Lyrics here.

Concert band: click here for West Side Story and here for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Click here for Big Fun in the Sun.

HUB (Hayes Ukulele Band): please see Satchel One for lyrics and chords.

Please make sure that you try to attend all rehearsals this term and remember to let the organiser know if you are going to be absent.

Music department trips

ET film screening with live orchestra:

Thursday 31st March, 7.30pm, Royal Festival Hall, London

Musical Theatre group:

Thursday 28th April, 7.30pm, Sondheim Theatre, London



Our next choreography session with Larissa will be held in CGD after school on Friday 18th March. We need as many of you there as possible so that you are all ready to perform in the Easter concert on Wednesday 30th March, 6.30pm, School Hall.

Musical theatre opportunity this Easter

Spotlight on … Beethoven



According to an Arts Council England study, just 1.8 percent of professionals in the music industry identify as being disabled. This contrasts bleakly to the almost 19 percent of the UK workforce who are considered disabled under the 2010 Equality Act. This is unsurprising when a career in the music industry has historically been seen as inaccessible for disabled people.

The Eye Harp

Development of this groundbreaking modern music technology started in 2010, when Zacharías Vamvakousis, a musician and software developer, was studying for his Master’s degree in Sound and Music computing in Barcelona. A musician friend of Vamvakousis was involved in a serious motorcycle accident, and it was unclear if he would be able to play music ever again. Realising that there was no musical instrument accessible for quadriplegic people at this time, Vamvakousis began developing the EyeHarp.

Did you know that the London Borough of Bromley is home to an iconic outdoor performance venue called the Crystal Palace Bowl?

From 1961 it hosted regular classical music performances by the likes of the London Symphony Orchestra and London Philharmonic Orchestra. From 1971 to the early 1990s the Bowl saw some of the most popular musical acts in the world across rock, pop, punk, blues, jazz, roots and reggae play the ‘Garden Party’ festivals and later Greater London Council organised events. 

Find out more about the history of the venue and plans for its renewal here.

And finally …

We agree!

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