****UPDATED: Music clubs will all start this week apart from choir as Monday lunch is reserved for post-tour unpacking****

**Please scroll down for some more Easter Concert footage**

Here is our fantastic 2023 tour video! Huge thanks to Arianne for her directorial skills 😁

The journey to Belgium

Where we stayed – the brilliant Die Loyale Youth Hostel in Maldegem

Beautiful Bruges

Behind-the-scenes chocolate tour


Gravensteen Castle, Ghent

Canada-Poland WW2 Museum

Click here to watch the performance of “Weeping”

Tour memories

Book tickets here

Well done for a fab Easter concert

Brass Quintet – Don’t You Want Me, The Human League arranged by S. Skelly. Apologies to Jonny and Ben M who were out of shot!

Brass Quintet – The Incredibles arranged by R Blaskowski. Apologies to Jonny who is out of shot but doing such a fab job on the bass trombone line!

Keep an eye on Hayes Creates as this will be where you’ll find the videos of Joseph and the Easter Concert once they are ready. Here’s the MusicFest video:

Congratulations to those of you who were awarded music colours

New to music colours? Here’s where they need to be sewn on:

If you were awarded colours but only received the certificate, please pop to the music office after Easter.

Year 12/13s who received colours: please pop to the music office to get your pin badge (instead of the sewn on strip).

Coming up after Easter

Wednesday 12th July, 7pm – Musical Theatre Club trip to see Matilda

BYMT news

Play-alongs to try at home during the Easter holidays

Please let me know if you discover any other good channels so I can share on future blogs.

https://www.youtube.com/@Marcpapeghin (Trumpet and some French Horn)





Lots of instruments




LPO Junior Artists opportunity

Fancy giving meditation a go?

Click here to try it out

A different kind of score to follow

Ben Nobuto is a British/Japanese composer, pianist and producer from Kent, UK. With a style described as ‘postmodern’ (Nonclassical) and ‘utterly contemporary’ (Manchester Collective), his music explores themes of attention and fragmentation, often drawing from internet culture and popular idioms in a playful, ironic and surreal manner. More often, his music is concerned with the symbolic nature of sounds rather than the sounds themselves, how memory and meaning are embedded and transmitted sonically.

It’s not uncommon to experience feelings of dread alongside joy. In spaces like clubs, pachinko parlours or Instagram, there’s a strange mixture of euphoria, boredom and anxiety that makes it hard to locate how you’re actually feeling. You’re just there, vacant and mesmerised in the rush. SERENITY 2.0 simulates this kind of environment by taking fragments of sound and accelerating them into brutal, lurid territory. SERENITY 2.0 was commissioned by Manchester Collective as part of their Heavy Metal tour in December 2021.

Ben Nobuto talking about his composition Serenity 2.0

Ben Nobuto

Listen to this

And finally …

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