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Thank you for all your MusicFest entries – we are in for a fabulous evening of performances! Huge thanks to Hannah for compiling the programme.

Arrangements for the day:

  • MusicFest starts at 6pm. 
  • Tickets are £2 on the door. 
  • Performers can wear whatever they like as long as they look nice!
  • Should finish around 8.30pm

On the day, we will be able to set things up in the Hall from 4.30pm: Music Leaders plus any other willing helpers/roadies please! During the concert we will need people to do the following:

  1. Take money on the door and give out programmes
  2. Move microphones/music stands etc. for each performer
  3. Sell drinks and doughnuts etc in the interval (and beforehand)
  4. Get some decent video footage

If you are up for any of these jobs, please let MissW know, and then be around in the right place at the right time!


thank you

Open Day – thank you!

A MASSIVE thank you to Jazz Band and the Music Leaders for their help at Open Day. People ALWAYS comment about how great Jazz Band sound, and it creates exactly the right impression – that music is important to Hayes School, and that we’re pretty good at it! Help in CGD and upstairs in the studio was just as appreciated – it’s so fantastic to see students interacting with our visitors, and being so confident about demonstrating their music and answering questions (it’s better, really, if visitors have questions answered by students than teachers).

Also, we could not have done without all the hours that you have spent helping with the displays – we have had more displays to do in the last few months than EVER before, and they look the best they ever have done.

We honestly could not do as much as we do without all the help we get from students. You are amazing!

jazz poster

Another opportunity at BYMT

See above for details of a fab jazz opportunity at BYMT – please note that the Birdland Band has no age limit, so parents could get involved too!

You know all this, but…

We all know that musicians are special, right? But here’s scientific proof…

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