Year 7 concert, Christmas lights… it’s all happening!

Year 7 concert poster 2019

Please could we have some help with loading stuff up for the concert straight after school on Monday. Music leaders (and anyone else who’d like to help) are also extremely welcome to come along to St Mark’s from 6.20 to run the door and help herd Year 7s!

Christmas Lights Sat 23rd

xmas lights 19

Jamsesh, you know what to do. We are rehearsing on Thursday again this week.

This is interesting

Lots of opportunities for you

Opportunities for you at BYMT

calamity auditions

Following the huge success of Oklahoma!, BYMT Musical Theatre are now casting for Calamity Jane. This is a great opportunity for you to get involved with the brilliant productions that they put on.

bymt auditions

There are also auditions, all next week, for all of BYMT’s other ensembles. To apply, click this link

Great concert for you to go to!Image result for xbyImage result for lewisham concert band

Two brilliant local concert bands coming together to perform a range of great music! This Sunday at Langley. Full details here

A really interesting video

Happy half term everyone!

Image result for half term

WELL DONE to everyone who performed in MusicFest this week! The standard of performances was really high. The next one is in February, so start planning what you’ll perform now. If you’ve never performed in a MusicFest, consider giving it a go!

After half term things start to get busy! This is what we’ve got:

  • Mon 18th November – Year 7 concert
  • Sat 23rd November, in the afternoon – Hayes Christmas Lights (Jamsesh #1 and #2)
  • Sun 8th December, early evening – Hayes Free Church Christmas Tree Festival (Concert Band)
  • Wed 18th December, 6.30pm – Christmas Concert – EVERYONE!

Sister Act coming to the Churchill Theatre

Do you want to see MissW dressed as a nun? If so, you need to get tickets to this show! If you have a Facebook account, you can see a sneaky peek here. Tickets are selling out so get in there quick! If you get them via the WWOS box office you’ll avoid paying the Churchill booking fee.

Something for next MusicFest…?



MusicFest this week

Musicfest poster oct 19

Thank you for your MusicFest entries. If you have put an entry in, you will be emailed in the next couple of days with the draft programme.

Here are some details about what happens on Thursday:

  • Music Leaders please come at 5pm to get set up. We will need you to get things out and set up (drum kit, amps etc) and to get organised for collecting money and running the refreshments. We will also need a few of you at the front during the concert to move stands, mics etc.
  • Tickets are £3 and available on the door. We look forward to having a large and supportive audience for our performers.
  • MusicFest starts at 6pm and will be over by 8.30pm
  • Performers, you can wear whatever you like as long as you look nice. Please look out for the email with the draft programme and other details.

Watch this!

Fantastic playing of some brilliantly entertaining music. It’s so great to see performers enjoying themselves!

Have you put your MusicFest entry in yet?

Musicfest poster oct 19

Any student, in any year group, can perform in MusicFest. It doesn’t matter what style you perform in, or whether you’re a beginner or grade 8+. Solos, duets, and groups are all welcome. You need to fill in this form to tell us who you are and what you’re doing.

Open Day – thank you!

well done 2

A big thank you to Jazz Band and everyone who came to help out at Open Day. As always, the comments were really positive and everyone was super impressed!

MusicFest is coming!

Musicfest poster oct 19

Our first concert of the year is coming up. MusicFests are informal concerts where students from any year group can perform pieces of their own choice to a friendly and supportive audience. We always have a huge range of music, from students’ very first public performance to students who are already hugely experienced musicians. We have all styles of music from classical to rock to musical theatre and students’ own compositions. There are solos, duets and groups.

If you would like to perform on October 17th, you need to fill in this online form (you need a Hayes School email address to access this).

Here is the video from the last MusicFest so you can get a flavour of what it’s like:

Open Day Saturday 5th October


Jazz Band will be playing out at the front as usual, showing all our visitors what Hayes School is really about!

In CGD there will be chair drumming and Boomwhackers. If you would like to come and help out at any point, just roll on up, join in, and be prepared to answer questions from our visitors!

There is an early finish on Friday 4th October, so lunchtime clubs will not run.

Amazing instruments

We would love to have some really creative performances in MusicFest! Here is some inspiration.

Guys and Dolls auditions


We are already looking forward to the main school play 2020! If you are in years 10-13, do come and audition next Wednesday. Guys & Dolls is such a great show! If you don’t know it, here’s a taster:

Yes, there will be a band… and no we don’t know yet exactly what instruments we will need for that!

Music tour to Amsterdam

Image result for amsterdam

Hurrah if you have paid your deposit to come on tour. The deadline was today (20th), but we won’t be looking at the list and closing it on ParentPay until Monday… so you still have this weekend to squeak in at the last minute if you need to! See the letter here for full details: JW – Music Tour to Utrecht and Amsterdam, 5-9 Apr 20

Full steam ahead!

Image result for full steam ahead

Everything is now up and running – if you missed a rehearsal this week because you weren’t quite on the ball (or are in Year 12 and hadn’t started yet!) then we look forward to seeing you next week. Here’s a reminder of what’s on when:

rehearsals 1920

Also, make sure that you have all the dates for the year in your diary! See the ‘about’ page for these.

We need more handbell ringers for Banging Bells – no experience required, but you need to have a good sense of timing and great teamwork skills!

Music tour – deposits now required

Image result for amsterdamLetters have been sent out via Parentmail to everyone who came to Choir this week. If you haven’t received one, you can either collect a letter from Miss W, or click here: JW – Music Tour to Utrecht and Amsterdam, 5-9 Apr 20

Get those deposits rolling in! The deadline for these is Friday 20th September. 

This is interesting

Everything starts next week!

rehearsals 1920

Welcome back for another wonderful year of music!

Everything will be starting next week. Nearly everything is happening at the same time as last year: the exception to this is Jamsesh#2 which has moved to Tuesdays.

Please make sure that you have made a note of all the dates for this year. You will find these on the ‘about’ page.

Music tour to Amsterdam


We are finally ready to launch tour and start collecting your deposits! Letters will be sent out on Monday to anyone who comes to Choir and/or was in Concert Band last year.

A great version of a metal classic

Heavy metal banjo and mandolin, anyone? Plus accordion – there is literally nothing not to love about this!

School’s out for summer!

Image result for school's out

Summer concert video

Huge thanks to Ben Fr for shooting, editing, and compiling all of our concert videos this year!

It’s been a good one!

Image result for good job

It’s been a super-busy year, and it’s been amazing! We’ve totally lost count of the amount of musical events that have happened – as well as the ones we had on our calendar, all sorts of other things have popped up along the way, and it’s all been brilliant.

Next year will be just as busy, and we look forward to lots more music after the summer break. The calendar of music dates for next year is shown below, so that you can put all your Very Important Dates in your diary straight away!

dates 1920

Music Leaders 2019-20

music leader badge

Of course, being such a small department that does so much, we simply cannot survive without some help, and this is where our fabulous Music Leaders come in. They have been amazing this year, and have done so much (a lot of it behind the scenes). A big thank you to all our outgoing Music Leaders, and congratulations to those appointed for 2019-20:

Harry Aldridge
Jessica Whibley
Poppy Green
Isobel Taylor
Hannah Martin
Benjamin Martin
Brooke Simpson
Oliver Swift
Erin Harrington
Ellen Thom
Nienke Van Velzen
Katy Alder

Tour 2020

So sorry not to have been able to get the letters about this out before the holidays – Club Europe are still trying to get our accommodation sorted. We will be launching straight away in the new term!

Have a great summer!

Image result for teachers at the end of the year meme

Have a fabulous summer holiday! Maybe do some really lovely musical things – try a new instrument, learn a new piece, or listen to something different. Go to a Prom! Proms are brilliant – the atmosphere is like nothing else – and the programme of events is huge and varied. U18s go half price on all seated tickets – however I would absolutely encourage you to actually prom – which means queuing for a ticket on the day, and standing up (there are two queues – one for the Arena, and one for the Gallery – I would strongly recommend the gallery, because the acoustics are better, and if there is room, you can lie on the floor and listen to the music!). See the Proms website for full details.