We have only had three weeks of rehearsal this term… and even then with hugely reduced numbers of students. We miss all our concerts and rehearsals so much! Still, we are proud that we have been able to put a few things together for this virtual Christmas concert… and we look forward to 2021 being a lot MORE full of music!
Some fun ideas for Christmas music-making – or a future MusicFest item, maybe?

Stay musical over the holidays! You’ll find some Christmas carol karaoke here and awesome singing blobs here (yes, really!)

There’s loads of great music being streamed over the holidays… check out this guide. Also check out loads of things to listen to and music facts here

Listen to what the BYMT ensembles have been working on this term here

Have a great, music-filled Christmas, and we look forward to making LOTS OF NOISE at some point next year!

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