rehearsals starting

Everything starts on Monday. All rehearsals are at the usual times and in the usual places. The only exception to this is 5-note Orchestra, which we are giving a rest this term.

Friday B breaktime busking!

We are going to start having a regular busking slot in The Street on a Friday Week B breaktime. This is open to anyone who wants to perform. The buskers will locate themselves near the piano at the top end of the street – obviously the piano can be used, but if you want to do anything else you will need to set it up there very quickly at the start of break. Singers – would recommend that you use a mic and run that through an amp.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a solo performer or a small group – you just need to have enough music to play from as soon as possible after 10.35 until the whistle goes at 10.50.

Please sign up for a slot here! The dates available are:

  • Friday 4th May
  • Friday 18th May
  • Friday 8th June
  • Friday 22nd June
  • Friday 6th July
  • Friday 20th July

Flashmob revival


It’s been a while since we’ve done a flashmob at school. Find out in Choir on Monday what our next flashmob is going to be!

Perhaps our best ever flashmob (so far) was Ravel’s Bolero. This was way back in 2012! The video doesn’t do it justice (we’ll get a better sound recording for our next one)!

PS to find out what songs we’re doing in Choir this term, visit the Choir page!

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