Rehearsals start on Monday 3rd

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 18.01.23
Sorry everyone – an earlier version of the schedule had JamSesh round the wrong way – this is now correct, with JamSesh#1 on Thursday and JamSesh#2 on Friday. 

…with the exception of Guitar Group, which will start back on Tuesday 11th, or maybe even the following week (it depends when Mr Hendry starts his teaching).

As well as the groups listed above, there are some other musical opportunities open to Hayes students:


…in case you’re wondering what skiffle is, here is an example:

You may have noticed that Chamber Choir is no longer on the rehearsal schedule. This is because we lost so many Year 13 members in July, and nobody came to audition to swell the ranks, so we simply do not have enough singers to make a chamber choir. However, Laura is planning on running a small vocal group for ex-Chamber Choir singers, on Thursday lunchtimes in CGG. Come along and see what she has planned!

Finally, Mrs Foster will be running a Clarinet Choir on Tuesdays after school. If you play clarinet and are interested in playing in a small group, please contact Mrs Foster directly.

See the ‘about’ page for all this year’s concert dates. We look forward to seeing everyone at rehearsals next week!

Wider listening

This week’s listening is a special bit of Hayes music! Dan Shears left Hayes in 2005 after doing AS Music and A level Music Tech. He’s now forging a career as a singer and songwriter. Here is the debut single from his new album Shadow & Whimsy. Dan always had an amazing singing voice with an incredible high register, and his very own quirky musical style. You will get this in bucketloads when you watch the video!

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