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Here are all the details you need to know about MusicFest:

  • It is on Thursday 18th October at 6pm in the Hall
  • It should finish by 8.30pm
  • Performers can wear whatever they like as long as they look nice
  • Everyone is welcome to be in the audience (students, parents, friends) – entry is £2 on the door for non-performers
  • When you are not actually performing (or just about to perform) you should be in the Hall as part of the audience – you can leave instrument cases etc. in CGD but this is NOT somewhere to hang out/rehearse while MusicFest is actually happening
  • Music leaders, prefects and anyone else who wants to help needs to be around from 4pm to set up and get things ready.
  • Before and during the MusicFest we will need music leaders and prefects to man the refreshments stall and some of you to be at the front to move mics/stands etc.
  • At the end, the more people help put things away, the quicker we get it done!

Looking ahead to after half term


We have our busiest time coming up! You might as well get used to it – November and December are always super-busy for musicians 🙂

Here’s what’s coming up – make sure you have dates in your diary and that you know what’s going on!

  • Tuesday 20th November 7pm: Year 7 concert at St Mark’s church
  • Saturday 24th November during the afternoon: Hayes Christmas Lights – this involves Jamsesh #1 and Jamsesh #2
  • Sunday 9th Decmeber 6.30pm: Christmas Tree festival at Hayes Free Church – this involves Concert Band
  • Wednesday 19th December 6.30pm in the Hall: Christmas Concert – this involves EVERYONE!

Songs you never knew were covers

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