xmas tree festival 18

So Concert Band this is what you need to do (you’ve had a letter but here it is again):

  • Turn up at Hayes Free Church, 111 Pickhurst Lane at 5.30pm wearing black and bringing your instrument
  • The service itself is at 6.30pm – all friends/family welcome to attend
  • Should be over by 7.45pm

Christmas Concert

Xmas 18 poster

The rehearsal schedule for the day of the concert itself will be on next week’s blog. 

Choir songs (including Showsongs and Boyvox) are now all on the choir page (hover over the ‘home’ button at the top of the page and you’ll see the ‘choirs’ page to click on) – you need to be learning these.

Here are some details that you need to know:

  • Concert is at 6.30pm. In the Hall. Will finish by 9pm.
  • Are you in it? Yes. People involved are Choir, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Boyvox, Showsongs, Junior Band, Simply Strings, Skiffle Band, Banging Bells, Jamseshes #1 and #2, and (maybe) Clarinet Choir
  • You need to wear all black. Not blue, not brown, not patterned, and no big logos. If you want to wear a bit of tinsel etc. on yourself or on your instrument, go for it
  • Tickets are £5 on the door for adults. Under 18s and senior citizens are free.
  • CGD and CGF will be available for coats, instrument cases etc.
  • When the concert is in progress, you must not hang out in the classrooms or corridors. You need to be in the Hall being a supportive, considerate, appreciative member of the audience who shows awareness of performance etiquette which includes not moving around or making a noise during the music.
  • If you have a quality question, please ask.

Store room door

Some people have been having difficulties with this – here’s how it works.

Merry Christmas to our altos…

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