Thanks so much to Laura and Hannah for doing the video this year!

Scannable Document on 13 Apr 2019 at 10_00_11

…and here is Mr Foster’s drawing to commemorate another brilliant tour!

Talking of tour, our tour manager from last year, Georg, says ‘Salut!’ and happy Easter from the Musikpavillon in Leipzig where we performed last year:

We really hope to have Georg as our tour manager again next year for Amsterdam 2020!

Plans for this week

We will be unpacking all the tour stuff on Wednesday 24th April at lunchtime. All tour-goers are welcome to come and help.

Let’s get all the music leaders together Thursday 25th at lunch to make some plans for the summer term and do a big sort-out of concert band music (it’s likely this will take up Friday lunchtime too).

Rehearsals will start up again on Monday 29th April. 

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