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As well as exams going full steam ahead, we have got performances happening!

Jamsesh #1 and Jamsesh #2 will be involved in Music Week assemblies in the first week back. 

All members of both groups will be required for afternoon assemblies on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (not Thursday as far as I know).

Here are some details:

  • Jamsesh #1 will be doing Billy Joel. Jamsesh #2 will be doing Bon Jovi.
  • On Monday’s assembly, Jamsesh #1 will go first.
  • You will need to leave your lessons at 2.30 to get set up. Big stuff (drum kit, amps, keyboards) etc. will be on the stage all week, and just need to be moved into place
  • It would be good to get the red drum kit, amps etc. sorted earlier in the day on Monday (so we don’t have a mad panic at 2.30)

Jazz Band are playing at Hayes Fair on Saturday 8th June at 1pm. 

We will meet in the music dept beforehand (11.30) to trundle everything over. Things will need packing up on the Friday.

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Good luck to Year 11 for their music exam on the Tuesday after half term!

This is for you…

The orchestral piece that they are referencing (alongside Cup Song) is this (from 3.18):

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