Ophelia’s tour poster

First of all thank you to those people who have submitted t-shirt designs for the music tour. The design above was submitted by Ophelia – unfortunately it’s too colourful to reproduce on the t-shirts, but it’s so lovely that we’re going to use it on here!

If you would still like to submit a design idea, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Decide what would be a good design – hopefully it will be something associated with The Netherlands – tulips, windmills, clogs, bicycles…? You might include some musical things, but please not just a treble clef on its own – we’re looking for something more interesting than that!
  2. You need to include the text Hayes School Music Tour – Netherlands 2020 
  3. The whole thing needs to be able to be printed in one colour (no shading, just solid colour), and needs to stand out so that it can be seen from a distance: it needs to be BOLD!
  4. It can be hand-drawn or done on a computer – however, if you hand-draw it, it will need to be done in black ink so it is bold enough to be reproduced on the t-shirts

About three-quarters of tour-goers have submitted the relevant info on the questionnaire about t-shirt sizes and dietary requirements. That leaves about a quarter of you still to go. Please follow this link to the questionnaire – it will take one minute!

Dates for your diary


Wed 12th February – MusicFest – 6pm in the Hall

Wed 1st April – Easter Concert – 6.30pm in the Hall

Sun 5th-Thurs 9th April – tour to the Netherlands

There will be a parents evening for tour in the last week of term – exact date to be decided

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