This tango was originally written as a song in 1935 by Carlos Gardel. The original lyrics are about horse racing – but this is an analogy and it is really about relationships. The tango is the national music (and dance) style of Argentina; Argentinians think of tango as the blood that runs through their veins – it is very much a part of their national identity.

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This version was recorded by Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti in 2012. In the video you can see some tango dancing, and also the accordion being played – although the accordion in the video is not a traditional Argentinian one. Argentinian accordions are called bandoneons, and have buttons on both sides. They are notoriously difficult to play, as you get different notes depending on whether you are pushing or pulling! Here is a version of Por una cabeza played on a banoneon:

This piece has been used in the films True Lies, Scent of a Woman, and Schindler’s List. 

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