Pink Floyd released this song in 1973 on their legendary album Dark Side of the Moon. There are lots of interesting things about this song. Most of the song has 7 beats in a bar, which is very unusual for a rock song. The music goes into 4 beats in a bar for the guitar solo, because guitarist David Gilmour was unsure whether he could play a solo counting in 7. The album cover for Dark Side is iconic:


The album is also considered to be one of the best produced and mixed records ever: most recording studios keep a copy of it to use as reference, as it is regarded as a pinnacle of the art of record making.

The money sound effects at the start of the song that create a rhythmic ostinato were recorded in an interesting way. 1973 was well before digital sampling made this kind of thing easy! The money sounds were recorded onto tape in Roger Waters’ shed, and then 7 sections of tape of equal length (to make 7 beats in a bar) were cut out and made into a loop, which was run out of the tape machine and round a mic stand. This documentary describes the process (starting at 2:42)

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