No. 4 – Our Music Ambassadors – Year 7

Our music ambassadors were asked this question

Thank you to Elinor, James, Charlie, Bibi, Iona, Lilian and Alice.

Listen to the pieces at home and try playing your part along with them:

Chicken Run: Please bring in a kazoo if you have one at home or you could buy yourself one: try here

Spotlight on … Jasdeep Singh Degun

Jasdeep Singh Degun is a sitarist who is steeped in the North Indian classical tradition. He was born, raised and is still based in Leeds, north of England. He brings a youthful energy and vision to both Indian classical and contemporary music and he has performed all over the world in many high-profile productions and prestigious venues, including Buckingham Palace and the Royal Albert Hall at the 2014 BBC Proms. 

Playing traditional Indian classical music

He has recently released his debut album Anomaly.

Anomaly showcases exceptional musicality, improvisation, composition and collaboration that is rooted in the ancient repertoire of raags — the frameworks used in the improvised performances of Indian classical music — yet influenced by Jasdeep’s sparkling, contemporary flair that will charm purists and newcomers alike.

Jasdeep’s creations are an exercise in collaboration: culturally, sonically, and emotionally. His extraordinary artistry and innovative approach to composition mixes a new vision into both Indian classical and contemporary Western music.

Real World Records
The title track opens the album by placing the listener in the middle of the studio floor, with sitar, esraj, tabla and swarmandal all around, plus an undertow of cello.

BYMT news

And finally …

If that doesn’t make sense to you, listen to this song by Roy Orbison:

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