Have a great half-term break.

Don’t forget that our summer concert is on Thursday 7th July (6.30pm, School Hall). That’s only five weeks once we’re back in school after the half-term holiday so please attend the rehearsals and let the organiser know if you’re unable to be there.

Music Goes Green

No. 5 – Alice, Bibi, James, Charlie and Iona- Year 7 Music Ambassadors

Alice interviewed Mrs Elford to find out which songs she is enjoying listening to at the moment.

James spoke to Ms Duggan.

Ms Duggan chose this song because it’s happy and celebrates people’s differences. She chose the next song because it’s happy and upbeat.

Iona spoke to Miss Cozens. She chose the following song as she feels it has a good beat.

Bibi asked Miss Kiernan about a song she was enjoying listening to at the moment and she chose 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton as it always improves her day!

Charlie interviewed Mrs Enright to find out which songs she likes.

Chosen because it was uplifting and fun to listen to.
Chosen because it’s relaxing and soothing.

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Interested in musical instrument making?

Spotlight on … Anna Lapwood

Anna Lapwood (born 1995) is an organist, conductor and broadcaster. She became the first female organ scholar in Magdalen College Oxford’s 560-year history, and then at the age of 21, became the youngest ever director of music at any Oxbridge college when she took up the role at Pembroke College, Cambridge.

Anna studied piano, violin, viola and composition at the Junior Royal Academy of Music and was the principal harpist for the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain and the Junior Academy Symphony Orchestra.

Anna’s presence on social media has already done much to bring organ playing and choral singing into the 21st century and inspire a future generation of musicians. In addition to this, she has recently been appointed associate artist at the Royal Albert Hall, alongside saxophonist and presenter Jess Gillam, choreographer and filmmaker Corey Baker, and spoken-word performer LionHeart. Their appointments are part of the Royal Albert Hall’s ‘wider push around innovation and diversity’, and it’s hoped that the group’s work will ‘increase young people’s engagement with more traditional artforms’.

Anna’s passion for the organ is matched by her mission to support women in music. Her commitment to opportunity, equality and diversity is evident in almost every aspect of her life and work, especially in programming.  Anna is humbled to find that she is an inspiration to many young women and proud that they have adopted her hashtag, #playlikeagirl.

The Henry Willis Organ situated in the Royal Albert Hall in London is the second largest pipe organ in the United Kingdom, after the Liverpool Cathedral Grand Organ. It has 147 stops and 9,999 pipes.

The organist’s view – notice the rear view mirror

Listen to the pieces at home and try playing your part along with them:

Chicken Run: Please bring in a kazoo if you have one at home or you could buy yourself one: try here

This is so lovely to watch 🙂

BYMT opportunities

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Other local music opportunities:

And finally …

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