Interview with Harry – Year 13

List all the music clubs you’ve been involved with since you started at Hayes. 

Main Choir, Concert Band, Boyvox, Hayes Ukulele Band, Simply Strings, Jamsesh, Chamber Choir, Skiffle Group, Wind Band and Jazz Band!

Chamber Choir, 2017

Where have you been on music tour? Do you have a favourite tour, and if so, why?

I went to Madrid, Germany, and Budapest. My favourite tour was Madrid as it was my first ever tour and I got to make so many new friends in the music department through that tour. I remember so many amazing memories such as my first experience of playing music abroad and getting audiences building up. I also got my roadie skills on, including lugging the kick drum where there is that classic photo of little me and Ben. 

Also great memories of going to places such as the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, the escape room, and other locations from other tours such as St. Thomas’ Church which was associated with J.S. Bach.

Madrid, 2017
Playing the percussion part for concert band, Madrid tour, 2017

I was also especially happy when my shirt design was chosen for the Budapest tour!

Budapest, 2019

Favourite music/songs that you’ve performed at school over the years?

Mambo Number 5, The Simpsons, ‘Music’ (the piece we’re playing at the moment) in Concert Band.

Mamma Mia Medley, Let it Shine and Make Your Own Kind Of Music in Choir.

Best memories of your time in the music department?

I remember my first time ever joining a music club, which was main choir when it was a lot bigger than it is now, and being so oblivious as to what part to sing and what to do. The sixth formers back then seemed like giants to year 7 me but they always looked out for me. I remember when choir was so big that we couldn’t fit into the music classrooms and we had to use the main hall, which had mixed opinions across the choir. I was always the soprano in boyvox because I could sing the high notes and would always belt them out. I remember when I was a music leader and I challenged myself to lead and conduct concert band and boyvox which was so much fun and I loved the power at the time aha! I remember being asked to take over the glockenspiel part and always overplaying it, and still do! I always have fond memories of all the amazing music tours as well!

MusicFest, 2017
MusicFest, 2019
Playing the bass guitar for Wind Band, 2021
MusicFest, 2021

What are your plans once you leave Hayes and how are you planning to continue your involvement with music?

I am going to the University of Bath to study Computer Science. I have some friends from BYMT in their final year there and they have told me how great the music is so I’m expecting it to be as good as the Hayes music. I am hoping to audition for a music scholarship so that I can continue my lessons there. I hope to join the orchestras at the university too. 

Easter Concert, 2022

To Harry and ALL our Year 13 Musos …

Good luck for your exams and beyond. The Music Department will miss you!

Keep in touch🙂

FREE opportunity to play alongside members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra!

Lilian – Year 7 Music Ambassador

Lilian interview Ms Larbi to find out about music she is enjoying listening to.

The following two songs were chosen as they remind her of good times from her childhood:

The next song was chosen as it makes her feel amazing, despite it being quite a sad song:

Thank you, Lilian.

Listen to the pieces at home and try playing your part along with them:

Chicken Run: Please bring in a kazoo if you have one at home or you could buy yourself one: try here

Click here for separate audio parts for both songs

Podcast recommendation:

Something calming to listen to:

BYMT news

Opportunity for string players:

And finally …

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