Welcome to the new school year and to the new home of the blog. There is a LOT going on, so read carefully to keep fully informed!

music dept ethos

All (well most!) rehearsals will start next week (4th Sept onwards)

See the ‘About’ page for what’s on when and the calendar for this year’s concerts. Note that there are two new things:

  1. Samba on Thursday lunchtimes in CGG – no experience required. Even if you don’t know what samba is, if you like drumming, or just fancy making a LOT of noise, come on down!
  2. 5-note orchestra on Friday lunchtimes in CGF – this is for ANYONE on ANY instrument – as long as you can play 5 notes, you’re in! An ideal place to get experience of playing in a group. Would also suit more experienced musicians who are trying out a new instrument… we will be learning all the music by rote/magic, so it is also good for your ear/memory!

Note some other things have changed days/rooms.

Chamber Choir – we will need to see how many boys we might have for Chamber Choir before we can decide exactly what format the choir will have this year. If you want to audition for Chamber Choir, we will do this after school on Wednesday 6th. (please bear in mind that Miss W will be coming from a meeting – WAIT if she’s not there at 3pm!!) Be prepared to sing a song of your choice and then do some sight-reading. Chamber Choir rehearsals will start on Thursday 14th.

This Thursday, 7th Sept,  we will be going out on Gadsden Lawn with a load of instruments to let Year 7 have a go and generally tell them how fantastic music is! The Music Leaders will be leading the way here, but if you would like to join in, please do so! If you have an instrument that you don’t mind them having a go on, bring it. Meet in CGD at the start of lunch. 

Concert videos are here!

Thanks SO much to Corinna for sorting these out over the holidays! We now have a video for the Easter Concert as well as the Summer Concert. Here they are:

We want to be a bit more organised with getting quality footage of all our concerts this year, so if you are secretly an expert video-er (or even have a parent who is) then let us know…


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