great start

Well done on everybody on a fantastic first week of rehearsals, and a big welcome to all new members of ensembles. A particular well done to our fantastic Music Leaders who have led rehearsals this week and helped to get everything sorted. And to Alana for having the idea to go out onto Gadsden Lawn and get all the Year 7s honking away on different instruments!

Chamber Choir will start this week. This term, we are just going to have upper voices (soprano and alto) in Chamber Choir. We will review this after Christmas, and see if we have enough tenors and basses!

Guitar group will (I think) also start this week.

If you are in Choir or Showsongs, please visit the Choirs page to listen to your songs. You’ll find this if you hover your mouse over the ‘home’ tab at the top of this page.

Jamsesh #2 check your Shared With me items in OneDrive – I’ve shared Viva la Vida with you, in the right key for you to practise along with.

Music leaders jobs to do next week include: putting stickers on all the ukuleles in CGD, organising display boards in C1U, and getting that pesky asset register sorted…

If you are interested in taking up a new instrument, you might want to go along to BYMT tomorrow to their try-out session:


This guy is a bit fab…

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