Huge thanks to Corinna for editing all the footage! And to all the performers for a fab MusicFest!

The next 6 weeks are one of our busiest times of year! We have got the following things coming up:

  • Tuesday 21st November: Year 7 Concert, 7pm, St Mark’s (Year 7, plus helpers)
  • Saturday 25th November: Hayes Christmas Lights, 3.55pm, New Inn (Jamsesh)
  • Thursday 30th November: 6th Form Open Evening, 6pm, Hall (Jazz Band)
  • Sunday 10th December: Hayes Christmas Tree Festival, 6.30pm, Hayes Free Church, (Concert Band)
  • Thursday 14th December: Christmas Concert, 6.30pm, Hall (EVERYONE)

Get organised, and know what you’re doing when – and make sure you’re at rehearsals!

We love a bit of cross-curricular… here’s a maths problem for you!

maths problem


Play timps with the LPO!

Some weekend musical fun playing along with the timps!

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