Y7 concert 2017

It’s time for the Year 7 concert already! Year 7 classes have been working really hard in their lessons, and it’s sure to be another corker… thanks in advance to the Music Leaders and other students who have volunteered to help on the evening.

If you are in Year 7, here’s what to do when you arrive at the church. Students in UV classes go straight to the front of the church, while WX classes sit in the audience with their parents for the first half. 

Starts: 7pm

Finishes: about 9pm

Tickets: £3 via ParentPay or on the door.

Wear: school uniform

Xmas Lights 2017

Jamsesh will be appearing at the Hayes Christmas Lights festivities – all supporters welcome!

Interesting clef info

There’s a lot more to it than just treble and bass clefs! Here is how to read the other clefs:

But there are actually more clefs than these! Here is an insight into all the other weird and wacky clefs that there are…

Friday funny…


(…for this to be funny you need to work out what kind of cadence this is!)

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