The next thing on our list of Christmas events is the Christmas Tree Festival at Hayes Free Church on Sunday 10th December. This involves Concert Band only but everyone is welcome to come along to the service, which is at 6.30pm. Concert Band members have had a letter with all the details on it, so you should know where to go, when to be there, what to bring and what to wear! As always, if you have any quality questions please ask!

Xmas 17 poster

The Christmas concert is coming up very fast! the rehearsal schedule for the day of the concert will be on NEXT WEEK’S BLOG. There will be a full day of rehearsals in the Hall on the day. On the evening itself, you need to wear all black and make sure you leave instrument cases etc. in CGD. You need to be at the back of the Hall being part of the audience for anything you’re not actually in, but be ready to come on when it’s your turn.

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

We still have two places left on our tour to Germany in April. Dates are 2-8th April. If you want to fill one of these spaces, you will need to come up with the money pretty much all in one go, so you’ll have to check that this is OK with your parents! The total cost is £540. Please see MissW for more details. 

Two things for those who have a place on tour already:

  1. Check that your passport will not expire before the tour! Also check your EHIC card – although we have full health insurance for the trip, having a valid EHIC card makes getting hospital treatment much easier.
  2. Be aware that the final payment is due in January (Jan 6th). This will be £340 if you have already made two payments of £100.

…really hoping that we might have a creative Boomwhacker item in MusicFest one day…!

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