xmas rehsched 17

Here are when your rehearsals are on Concert Day on Thursday 14th December. There will be all the normal rehearsals on Mon-Wed. 

On Thursday, you may not miss any lessons other than those indicated by what is on the rehearsal schedule.

The concert is at 6.30pm in the Hall. You can use CGD to put coats, cases etc. in.

You need to wear all black. 

When you are not performing, you need to be part of the audience – do not hang around in CGD or in the corridor (unless you are in the very next item).

The concert will finish at approximately 8.45pm. Tickets are £5 for adults (under-18s and over-60s FREE) and are available on the door. Xmas 17 posterMembers of Choir, Boyvox, and Showsongs need to learn all their words!  We will not be using copies in any rehearsals this week. Please see the Choir page (you can access this via the drop-down on the ‘Home’ tab at the top of this page).

If you are in Concert Band, remember we have the Hayes Free Church gig on Sunday! You have had a letter about this – see you there at 5.30pm for the service at 6.30pm. Friends and family are all welcome. Black outfits for this too please. Remember to bring everything you will need!


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