We really need a tour t-shirt design!


If we are to avoid going on tour with t-shirts with some really rubbish bit of clipart that MissW finds on the Google Images, we need some more t-shirt designs to flood in from tour-goers! So far there has been a total of…. one.

Remember, it needs to be in one colour and as bold a design as possible. Must say Hayes School Music Tour 2018, and then either Germany or Deutschland, OR Saxony/Sachsen. Can be drawn by hand (preferably in pen so the lines are as clear as possible) or computer-generated (or a combination of the two).

MusicFest ahoy!

MFest poster Feb 18

Entries are coming in thick and fast, and it’s going to be another humdinger of a MusicFest! The deadline for entries is Friday 2nd Feb. Entry form is here.

Just some forward notice:

  • Performers can wear anything they like (as long as it’s decent)
  • You will be sent a draft programme via email a couple of days in advance – please reply if anything needs to be changed
  • MusicFest starts at 6pm and will be finished by 9pm.
  • We will need an army of Music Leaders and other helpers to set up from 5pm on the day, and man the refreshments stall/ticket desk
  • It would be great to establish beforehand who, exactly, will be on duty at the front to move mic stands/music stands etc. during the concert

This. Is. Amazing.

Alana and MissW have a love of the melodica… maybe we can persuade some others to love it too?!

This is rather good too.

All hail to the utter legend that was/is Freddie!

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