MFest poster Feb 18

Crikey! The 38th Hayes School MusicFest is the biggest and most bountiful EVER! We have an absolutely packed programme for next Wednesday. Here are some v. important points:

  • ALL performers need to think carefully about where they can cut down on the length of their pieces. Cut repeats, cut intros, cut repetition – you won’t make less of an impact by your piece being shorter – you can still be utterly fabulous in 2 minutes! We really want to include everyone, but don’t want the whole thing to be a feat of endurance for the audience.
  • If MissW is accompanying you on the piano, and you have not rehearsed with her yet, the time to do that will be Wednesday after school. Form a queue! The only exception to this is Isabella W-A who is rehearsing on Monday at break.
  • MusicFest starts at 6pm. You can leave instrument cases etc. in CGD but nobody should be ‘hanging’ in the music rooms during the concert. You should be in the audience supporting your fellow performers.
  • Performers can wear what they want (as long as they look respectable)
  • It will finish at…. well, when it finishes.
  • We will need people to set up at 5pm, people to take ticket money, sell refreshments, and move equipment around at the front. The smooth running of the night depends on you! Even if you have never got involved with this stuff before, you are welcome to come and help.
  • If you are using a backing CD and have not yet given it to MissW, please hand it in on Monday. 

Germany t-shirt unveiled

saxony t shirt

Congratulations to Leo MacD for designing the winning entry in our t-shirt competition! This is the coat of arms of Leipzig, so it’s all highly relevant (and we like dragons). Huge thanks to everyone else who submitted a design too – sorry we had to choose a winner!

An opportunity in the holidays

BYMT easter music course

Now if you’re coming on tour to Germany, you won’t be free for this, but if you’re not coming with us you’ll need something to keep you musical, and this could be it!! Please see full details and an application form here if you’re interested: easter music course april 2018 final

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