MusicFest was an amazing and inspiring occasion, with SO many fantastic performances! Well done to everyone who performed or helped out with the organisation of everything, particularly doing the programme (thanks Harry!), sorting out the refreshments, taking money, getting stuff out/putting it away again, shifting mic stands – it all needs to be done, and you just….do it! 🙂

Looking forward to next half term

The Easter Concert is on Wednesday 28th March. We haven’t really got long to prepare for this once we’re back from half term! Then, of course we’re on tour from 2nd April. Woohoo!

We want your plastic cards to make into picks!

making picks

What happens to all our picks??!? We have a pick cutter like the one above, but currently cannot keep up with demand, due to the rapid disappearance of the picks. Please could you give us any used up gift cards etc. that are made of the right kind of thick plastic. Just give them to MissW or stick in the post box outside the music office. Thank you!

The stick technique here is truly awesome!

…and this is an amazing bit of analysis!

This is just the sort of music geekery that we absolutely love!

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