Please note that the Easter concert is at school, not at St Mark’s this year – this is because the church is not available on this date. (If you have been super-organised and put all the details into your diary from the dates list on the ‘about’ page, you will need to change this now – apologies. The ‘about’ page now has the correct info on it!).

Because we are running out of weeks to rehearse in, it is vital that we have everybody at all rehearsals from now on!

Please note that because of the Concert Band concert at Hazelwood on 23rd March, Jamsesh#2 will not be able to rehearse after school that day. Jamsesh#2 will therefore rehearse on Thursday that week, 22nd March. 

Tour meeting

Letters have now gone out about the tour meeting, which is at 6pm on Monday 26th March. 

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