aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghSo the concert is coming up fast! Here are some things you need to know:

  • There will be some changes to rehearsals this week. There is an extra Concert Band rehearsal on Tuesday after school 3-4pm
  • Jamsesh #2 will be on Thursday not Friday owing to Concert Band doing the Hazelwood concert on Friday
  • On Friday, there will be no 5-note Orchestra, Simply Strings or Techsesh because lots of people will be out doing the Concert Band concert at Hazelwood
  • The rehearsal schedule for concert day will be on next week’s blog (out on Friday), and will also be posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Parents evening for tour is on Monday 26th March at 6pm in the Hall. We will be collecting passports and EHIC cards at this time. Please speed things up by sellotaping your EHIC card to the back of your passport. 
  • Remember you will need to wear all-black outfits for the concert. You can use CGD to put cases etc. in, but remember you need to be in the audience unless you are actually performing or just about to perform.
  • Please remember that (as stated in last week’s blog) the concert is in school, not at St Mark’s. 
  • Because the PTA is so low on numbers at the moment, we will be running our own refreshments for the Easter concert. Therefore, we will need all Music Leaders to be ready to help with manning the refreshments table and getting things organised beforehand.
  • Packing for tour will happen on Thursday 29th March, at lunchtime. Any tour-going Music Leaders, plus any other tour-goers who want to help, should come along and be prepared to move lots of things around!

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Concert Band: Hazelwood concert

Remember, we will be meeting at the beginning of lunch in the blue circle. Please be there promptly – we want to be on the coach at 1pm! You just need to be in your usual uniform/6th form uniform.

You will need to bring your instrument. If you play percussion, be aware that we will be using Hazelwood’s drumkit, timps, and marimba – we will just need to take any small percussion that is needed.

We will be back at about 4.30pm.

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