easter rehsched 2

All rehearsals are in the hall unless otherwise stated. The concert will be in the hall too – quality questions only now please!

You will notice that we have not put down setting up during p1 on the schedule. This is because there is an assembly in the hall, and after that Miss Werry’s class are going to do the setting up.

You are only permitted to miss lessons when you actually have a rehearsal – no taking the mickey on this! ALL teachers will be aware of when you are supposed to be out of lessons – and when you are not.

Things you need to know for the evening:

  • the concert starts at 6.30pm
  • you need to wear all black 
  • tickets are £5 on the door for adults – under-18s and senior citizens FREE
  • you can leave instrument cases etc. in CGD but do not hang about in the music rooms during the concert  – you should be in the hall supporting everyone else and being a brilliant audience (i.e. supportive, attentive, quiet, and appreciative)
  • The concert will finish at about 8.45pm

Parents’ evening for tour

This is on Monday at 6pm in the Hall. You need to remember to bring your passport and EHIC card. It will really help if you can sellotape your EHIC card to the back of your passport (then we know where your card is, and also don’t have to look inside the passports to see whose is whose).

Although it is a parents’ evening, students are of course very welcome to be there too!

Packing for tour

We will be doing this on Thursday lunchtime. Come to the music department to help, be organised, and make sure nothing gets left behind!

Amazing overtone singing

Watch to the end!

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