My shot graphic

This graphic has been created to help you learn My Shot. We will be performing this (along with Adiemus) in the music week assemblies straight after half term. We only have two more rehearsals before then! You need to spend some time listening to it with your copy in front of you, and using this graphic to memorise the structure.

It is easy when you know it!!

Remember the audio for My Shot is on the Choirs page.

Music tour 2019

Image result for budapest

It’s great that you’re so excited about next year’s tour! Letters will be going out to parents of everyone in Choir and Concert Band in the next few days. Get those deposits rolling in!

Wider listening for this week

It helps to actively work to get better at listening. Here is a really great article from the BBC about how you can do this.

This week’s wider listening piece is from Beethoven’s Moonlight piano sonata. But it comes with some amazing choreography here!

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