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Music assemblies

Remember we are doing our music assemblies the first week back after half term. So all members of Choir will need to come to the Hall very promptly at 2.40pm every day. There isn’t any need to be let out early, but you will need to get there quick, dump your bag somewhere (on the stage behind the curtain?) and get into choir positions ASAP.

The running order is this:

  1. Adiemus (we will do this from the front – it is probably too disruptive to do it in a circle in an assembly)
  2. MissW will talk a bit
  3. My Shot (there will be mics set up)

If you are playing a cajon/surdo/bongos or whatever (either in My Shot or Adiemus) then you are in charge of making sure you have this in the right place at the right time! It is essential that everyone knows their words, especially for My Shot, which was going really well last time but is still a bit on the hairy side of well-rehearsed!

Music tour 2019

Letters have gone out via Parentmail to parents of all members of Choir and Concert Band. Let’s get those deposits rolling in and get our tour to Budapest off the ground!!

This week’s wider listening

Check out this cover version of Africa – there are some extended techniques in there (i.e. not playing the piano in the conventional way)…

Also here is what happens when you play a world map (keep watching….)


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