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Huge well done to all those who participated in the music assemblies this week! It is a huge deal to perform in front of your peers – the hardest gig that we do. Especially well done to those who did solos, and in front of your own year groups too. Both songs went really well, and we were really proud that the school got to see you in awesome action.

Summer Concert is coming up fast! 

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…It’s less than three weeks away! 28th June is the date. So we need everyone at rehearsals (exams permitting…)

Music tour

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The deadline to get tour deposits in was today (8th June) but we’ll be counting the numbers on Monday so you have a cheeky weekend to get a last-minute deposit in. Go on – you know you want to! Letters went out via ParentMail a few weeks ago.

Wider listening – Anthem from Chess

This week’s piece is the monumental, heartwrenching anthem from Chess, which has recently been on at the ENO. What exactly is it that gives this piece its emotion? The answer is all in the melodic line, the harmony, and the orchestral arrangement (as well as Tommy Korberg’s brilliant performance here).

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