summer 18 rehsched final

Here is the rehearsal schedule for concert day – that’s next Thursday, 28th June. 

Rehearsals Mon-Wed will be as usual.

On concert day…

  • You must ONLY be in rehearsals when you are scheduled. Absence from lessons will be on SIMS according to this schedule – so if you skip any other lessons because you are ‘rehearsing’, it will go down as truancy
  • The concert starts at 6.30pm. You need to be there in time to be ready. Use CGD to park instrument cases etc.
  • You need to wear all black outfits
  • When you are not actually performing, you need to be in the hall being a lovely supportive, appreciative audience member for everyone else. This involves being quiet!
  • The concert will be finished by 9pm. If you are a good musician and good member of our music community, you will stick around at the end to help clear away
  • Tickets are £5 for adults on the door. Senior citizens and under-18s are FREE!

Summer 18 poster

We are now a Musical Futures Champion School!

MF CS logo

This is a very exciting recognition of what we do in music at Hayes. So what does it mean, and who are Musical Futures?

Musical Futures is an organisation that promotes practical music-making in schools, particularly in KS3 lessons. You know chair drumming? That’s a Musical Futures thing. So are all the playalong videos that we use. Also the four-chord mashup project in Year 8, and the 3-chord Emeli Sandé project we do in Year 7.

We are completely Musical Future-d up, and they love it, so they have made us a Champion School. We will shortly be receiving some very smart blue plaques that we can put up to show our new status.

Music leader applications

music leader badge

Remember you have until 3pm on Monday (25th June) to submit your application to be a Music Leader. Scroll down to last week’s blog for a link to the form.

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