A brilliant evening all round – well done everybody! In a few cases, some slightly scary pieces came together at the last possible minute!

Harry & Ben raised £77.31 for Mind too, which is great.

Image result for tidy up song

Now it is time to tidy up the department. These are the things that need doing:

  • Music needs sorting and filing
  • Things need putting away
  • Some things need mending
  • Certain areas, i.e. the office and the store, need a good sort-out
  • Out-of-date things need taking down

If you would like to help with any of these things, or just want to hang out in music and have a jam, just rock up any lunchtime.

There will only be rehearsals for Jazz Band (for Sports Awards) and Jamsesh#1 (for Hazefest) from now on. Everything else is on summer break until the new academic year.

Thanks to everyone for a brilliant year of music!

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