BYMT jazz school

This is another great opportunity at BYMT!

Musicfest 18th October

MusicFest is coming up on Thursday 18th October. Any student, in any group, can perform in any style of music. We welcome solos, duets, bands, own compositions… anything goes (as long as nobody will be offended by the content of your music). Get planning what you might perform! We will start online booking of performance slots in next week’s blog.


A huge well done to those of you who performed at Hayes Primary this week – Mr Vitarana was very impressed and proud of his ex-pupils! Hayes Primary are looking for some of our students to help out with their band – in particular, people who play sax, clarinet, trumpet, trombone or baritone. This is on Wednesdays, 12.45-1.15. Obviously for us, this cuts into p4, as you would need to leave at 12.30 to get to Hayes Primary in time. So really we’re looking for 6th formers who have a free p4 on a Wednesday (either week) or students lower down in the school who think that they could find reasons to justify missing part of p4 sometimes on a Wednesday! Hayes Primary are happy for any input we can give – whether that’s regular or more occasional. If you think you could help with this, please speak to Miss Werry.


Hopefully we will be getting our handbell set soon! We won’t have quite as many as this… but we will definitely be this good! 🙂

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