Christmas concert video

Now you can relive the Christmas concert in all its glory… HUGE thanks to Ben Fr for shooting and editing the video!

Music Fest Wednesday 13th February


MusicFest is open to students in all year groups. Solos, duets, small groups, ANY style, whatever you like! If you would like to perform in MusicFest, please sign up using this online form.

Could you design our tour t-shirt?


We need to order our t-shirts for this year’s music tour to Budapest. Here’s what we need:

  • A bold design in one colour only that will look good from a distance
  • It must include the text Hayes School Music Tour Budapest 2019
  • You might include something relevant to Hungary or Budapest in your design (last time we went to Budapest, in 2012, the design included a Rubik’s cube)
  • It can be done by hand or created on a computer. If done by hand, it will need to be in ink, not pencil

Please get your entries in by February 8th. 


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