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Clara Grace Mary West was born on Tuesday, weighing 6lbs 8oz. Everyone is doing really well. We send our bestest wishes to Mrs West and her husband, and to Clara’s brother Theo. Mrs West will bring Clara in to visit us soon!

MusicFest: what you need to know

musicfest feb 19 poster

If you are a performer:

  • It starts at 6pm, and will finish around 8.30pm.
  • It’s in the Hall
  • You can wear whatever you like as long as you look nice
  • If you are using a backing track, please either give us a CD or send us a link asap
  • If MissW or MrsB are accompanying you, please arrange a rehearsal if you haven’t already
  • You will be emailed the draft programme early next week: you must let us know if you need anything to be changed

If you are a music leader, or would like to help out with the organisation of the event:

  • There is a rehearsal for the school play in the Hall on Wednesday until 5pm. Before then you can still get things organised and ready to move in at 5
  • Once we get to 5pm it will be ACTION STATIONS for getting everything sorted in the hall and with the refreshments
  • We will need people on the door and on the refreshments stall
  • We will also need some people at the front during the concert to move things around

If you are coming to be in the audience: 

  • It starts at 6pm
  • It’s £2 on the door
  • Be supportive of everyone’s performance
  • Be sensitive to the differing etiquette that goes with different types of performance. If it’s something entirely acoustic, you must be silent and still. If you have bought a can of drink, do not open it at a quiet moment. If it’s a band, and they’re playing loud music and inviting a bit of audience participation, this is a whole different thing: now it is appropriate to make some noise.

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