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Well done to everyone who performed in MusicFest this week. There was such an incredible array of brilliantly performed, imaginative and creative music, from students in every single year group. Special thanks to our tech team, everyone who helped with setting up and selling tickets/refreshments, Harry for sorting the programme and Ben for doing the video.

Next half term we are super-busy again! We have the main school show Little Shop of Horrors, the Easter concert, and our tour to Budapest to look forward to! Year 11s and Year 13s are also really busy getting all their coursework to the peak of perfection…

Rehearsals for everything start on the first day back.

Something to listen to that will improve your life

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I know that sounds really drastic, but these podcasts are that good! Each one takes a song and breaks it down, explaining exactly why it works: melody, harmony and production. It will improve your understanding, your listening, and your songwriting… there is nothing not to love about these! Start with Dancing Queen. 


This is a button accordion (so, buttons on both sides rather than a piano-type keyboard for your right hand). The left-hand buttons do chords and bass notes. Bear in mind that you can’t see your left hand AT ALL when playing this. This guy’s technique and virtuosity is unbelievable. He is playing all the parts written for an entire orchestra plus a solo violin!

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