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yale glee club

Visit from Yale Glee Club, 13th March

We are very excited to be welcoming Yale Glee Club on 13th March! Remember that we need your photography consent slips back (either on paper or via parent email). If you go to the Choirs page, you will be able to learn the song we will be doing together, One Moment, One People.

budapest tshirt design

Music tour to Budapest

First of all, congratulations to Harry, whose design will be adorning our tour t-shirts this year (which will be Kermit green). Although a shout out must go to Hannah and Ben Martin, whose design was almost identical to Harry’s (great minds think alike).

Secondly, we will be having a tour meeting for tourgoers and their parents in the last week of term. The provisional date for this is Monday 1st April at 6pm, but this will be confirmed and an email sent out. At the meeting we will go through our itinerary, talk logistics, and collect in your passports.

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Skiffle Band are looking for new recruits!

Guitarists, singers, or just interested people are required on Thursday lunchtimes to be in our skiffle band! Talk to Matthew Layson if you want to know more, or just turn up to CGF on Thursday lunch.

Still hoping for some creative Boomwhacker action in a MusicFest one day…

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