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We heard this week that we have been awarded Artsmark Platinum by Arts Council England. This is the culmination of a process which has taken more than two years. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the arts at Hayes, and has made it the great asset to the school that it is. Platinum is the top Artsmark award. We are very proud of our achievement!

Easter Concert is coming up


The rehearsal schedule for the day of the concert will be in next week’s blog. We really need everyone at all rehearsals this week!

Music tour to Budapest

budapest tshirt design

Remember, the parents’ meeting for tour is on Monday 1st April at 6pm in the Hall. You will need to bring your passport and EHIC card to the meeting. One other thing we need to collect (and a letter will go out to parents early next week about this too) is €25 from each person which is the damage deposit required by our hotel. This is a deposit, so you’ll get it back (unless something in your room gets damaged!). We have often had to provide a cash deposit in the past, but never one this big, which is why we are asking you to give us the per-person amount to hand in when we arrive. We’re really sorry about this, but it’s one of those things we just have to deal with.

The healing power of music

You can watch the full episode on iPlayer here.

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