easter 19 rehsched

Here is the rehearsal schedule for Thursday 4th April. All of these rehearsals will be in the Hall. 

The concert starts at 6.30pm (also in the Hall). Here’s some essential info for you:

  • You need to wear all black. No big logos please, and no large amounts of flesh on show
  • All are welcome. Adults £5 on the door, under-18s and senior citizens FREE!
  • The PTA will be selling refreshments
  • The concert will finish at about 9pm
  • You can leave instrument cases etc. in CGD and CGF. Keep track of where you’ve put your stuff, and tidy up after yourself please
  • When you are not performing, be in the hall supporting the other performers and demonstrating your best audience etiquette


After Thursday…

There will be no rehearsals on Friday, but tour-goers will need to help with packing the coffin. If we are canny, we can start getting things together on Thursday (and get the coffin down from upstairs).

If you would like to join in with the fun and excitement about preparing for tour, please come to CGD on Friday – we’ll start getting organised at break, and finish packing at lunchtime.

budapest tshirt design

Remember the parents’ evening for tour is on Monday at 6pm in the Hall. Please bring your passport + EHIC card, together with your €25 damage deposit in an envelope (a letter went out about this via Parentmail earlier in the week). We will talk through the itinerary, and you will get your lovely Kermit-green tour t-shirts!

Check this out

In preparation for the top D at the end of Raise Your Voice, here is some truly spectacular singing! Yma Sumac was famous for her use of the whistle register. The high note she hits in this is F6 (so you can quit complaining about that top D!) – listen right to the end for the big finish!

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