summer 19 rehsched

All you need to know about the summer concert:

  • Rehearsals Mon-Wed as usual
  • Rehearsals for Thursday 4th are shown above: all these rehearsals are in the hall unless stated otherwise
  • Concert is at 6.30pm. Tickets on the door – adults £5, under-18s and senior citizens FREE
  • Wear all black
  • You can stash instrument cases etc. in CGD and CGF
  • When not performing, please be in the audience. Do not hang out in the music rooms during the concert, or move around unnecessarily in/around the hall. Be considerate audience members and support everyone else’s performances
  • The concert will finish around 9pm
  • If you are in Choir you have a LOT of words to learn – you need to get on the case with this! See the Choirs page for videos/audio etc. to helpSummer 19 poster

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