well done 2

The summer concert was brilliant – you well and truly pulled it out of the bag! Thank you for all your hard work.

We now have a few things left to do before the end of term:

The big music department tidy up


A year of busy music-making makes the department look like a tip! There are so many things that need sorting out and putting away. Because there are no more regular rehearsals now until the end of term, we can devote lunchtimes to a bit of sorting. Everyone is welcome to come along any lunchtime – bring your lunch – and join in with making everything tidy, organised and ready for the new term.

Music Leaders 2019-20

music leader badge

We rely on our music leaders to help the department run smoothly, and this year’s have been brilliant. However, we need to appoint next year’s now! Music leaders help out in lots of different ways. They all pitch in with giving us their ideas and getting things ready for concerts, but some take a leadership role by directing an ensemble, and others do things like videoing concerts.

The role is open to any student in any year group. We are looking for people who are dedicated and proactive, with a great track record of attendance at rehearsals. You need to be someone who is organised and easy to communicate with; someone who checks their emails and keeps track of what’s happening on this blog – in other words, someone who is tuned in!

If you would like to apply, you will need to fill in this form (you’ll need your Hayes email address to access this). The deadline for applications is Tuesday 16th July, and we’ll let everyone know by the end of term.

Music tour 2020


We are really hoping to be able to launch Tour 2020 before the end of term, and collect deposits so we can make a booking. We are just waiting for Club Europe to sort out the finer details of our accommodation, and then we will be sending out an email – keep your eyes peeled for announcements!

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