….why would you not? Always a fantastic day – great music, great atmosphere, loads of the loveliest people of Hayes, present and past…. get ready to rock!

Still time to get a music leader application in!

music leader badge

You have until next Tuesday to get your applications in!

The role is open to any student in any year group. We are looking for people who are dedicated and proactive, with a great track record of attendance at rehearsals. You need to be someone who is organised and easy to communicate with; someone who checks their emails and keeps track of what’s happening on this blog – in other words, someone who is tuned in!

If you would like to apply, you will need to fill in this form (you’ll need your Hayes email address to access this). The deadline for applications is Tuesday 16th July, and we’ll let everyone know by the end of term.

‘Old’ Music Leaders, could you please hand in your badges?

Tidying up going brilliantly! …but not quite finished!


HUGE thanks to everyone who has come along to help sort things out. Things are looking SO much better! However, there are still some bits and bobs that need doing – in particular some music filing.

Tour… yes details are coming!


We really hope to get details of tour out next week! Watch this space.


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