xmas rehsched 19

This is the rehearsal schedule for Wednesday 18th Unfortunately we can’t get into the Hall until p3, so we will have to rehearse some things in the music rooms. It is therefore really important that everyone comes to help set up the Hall during break. Xmas 19 posterHere are some things you need to know about the concert itself:

  • Tickets are to be bought on the door
  • Wear all black
  • When you are not performing, you need to be in the Hall being an exemplary audience member supporting other performers
  • Cases, coats etc. can be left in CGD and CGF
  • The concert will finish at about 8.45pm
  • Choir, Boyvox, Showsongs – you need to be learning your songs: head on over to the Choir page for audio/video/pdf files to help you. Print out a copy of Red Right Hand if you need one!


This will happen on Thursday lunchtime. Clearing up after any kind of gig is a necessary and unavoidable part of a musician’s life, so please participate fully by helping at this point.

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